The Unexpected Cosmology

Becoming Jeranism: Jeran Campanella’s Journey to the Flat Earth - IMAGINING Jeran Campanella walking the center aisle of his local parish dressed in a white alb with a cincture tied at the waist would be incredibly difficult to do—particularly for those of us who know him now. The personality behind YouTube channels Jeranism and Globebusters was once a conscientious altar server too. The boy Jeran Campanella wouldn’t be caught dead wearing […]

GLOBE PROOF…? | Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole with David Weiss (and the Flat Earth Awakening) - WHEN LISTENERS BEGAN SENDING DAVID WEISS flat earth videos in 2014, he deleted them—every single last one. “I wouldn’t even look at a single minute of video,” he said. Flat earth was bad for business. And besides, flat earthists, it seemed, were derailing the very truther movement which he held so dear.

THE SCIENCE NUMBER | Living in Satan’s Backyard (with Chris Van Matre) - THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY was apparently something to be tinkered with in 2014. Mark Sargent doodled with it. So did Chris Van Matre. Admiral Byrd, check. Flying saucers, check. Wooly Mammoth, check. One thing led to another… Eric Dubay, check…?

Missing Curvature: Bob Knodel Vs 8 Inches Per Mile Squared - ONE DAY IN THE SPRING OF 2015, 55-YEAR-OLD Bob Knodel got to thinking. Firstly, he thought about his training as a pilot—and then gyroscopes. He thought about space and satellite imagery too. Something didn’t add up right.  “I was always, for the last 25 plus years—I guess you could kind of call me a conspiracy […]

Space Forensics: How Flat Earth Ruined Star Wars for Paul On The Plane - 1 THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM and mainstream propaganda had already taken its toll on forty-three year-old Paul Lindberg by the time he sat down one evening with his wife for dinner—which, on both accounts, is often how these things go. Between this and that, attending public school and catching a screening of The Empire Strikes […]

Remember Building 7: September 11 was a Wake-Up Call for Truth - SEPTEMBER | Rick Hummer   IF THE MEDIA has its way, and believe me, they’ll try, then the end of the world will be met with sensationalism. Tuesday was a practice run. As the sun dawned over America’s eastern shoreline on the eleventh of September, 2001, New York City was in a strangely thoughtful mood. […]

SPACE CAMP | Shelley Lewis’ Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon - 1 FROM THAT DAY FORWARD, SHELLEY LEWIS knew exactly what she was going to do with her life. Ronald Reagan was still president when astronaut Alan B. Shepard walked into the room. The thirteen year-old was literally star struck. And she had good reason to be. After all, this was space camp. Everything changed in […]

Flat Earthist Charles Johnson vs. the Late Great Planet Earth - 1 SAMUEL SHENTON WAS DEAD. It was 1972, and as the crew of the Apollo 17 readied to photograph the Blue Marble on NASA’s final moon mission, Lillian was faced with the prospect of what to do with her late husband’s work. Stacks of books and papers and boxes, undoubtedly chaotic with correspondences, remained. Without […]

The Challenger Explosion was a Psychodrama - 1 SEVERAL CONSIDERATIONS ARE PROBABLY in order as to why I distinctly recall the space shuttle Challenger disaster in real time—specifically the manner in which its memory has always been recollected. It’s literally burned into my mind. On the 28th of January, 1986 I was only five years old, and wouldn’t even graduate from kindergarten […]

JESUS TAPE | The Night Robbie Davidson Discovered God - 1   “I DIDN’T CHOOSE THIS LIFE,” ROBBIE DAVIDSON INSISTED over the phone. “God intervened. He chose it. It was as if God was telling me, I have a plan. I have a purpose. You’re coming.” Davidson is undoubtedly referring to his former life in the Edmonton bar and club scene, a segment he refers […]