The Unexpected Cosmology

“De Sun Do Move and De Earth Am Flat” — Reverend John J. Jasper (a Sermon) - IT IS CERTAINLY remarkable to consider that preaching was expressly prohibited among blacks during the first 25 years of Reverend Jasper’s ministry, and yet the Southern gentleman preached. For more than fifty years of his life, John J. Jasper was a slave. Regardless, in the decades leading up to the Civil War, the electrifying sermons which derived […]

Backsliding — Billy Sunday (a Sermon) - “MANY START THE VOYAGE OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE under sending skies and upon smooth waters, but as they sail out of the harbor the sky becomes dark and the craft of their religion crashes upon the rocks. At first they are careful to obey the command of God, but after the revival they neglect their […]