The Unexpected Cosmology

Waking Up in a Jiffy with the Mandela Effect - SUPPOSING you have ever attempted to hold the ‘bread and circuses’ conversation with a sports addict during the fourth quarter of the ball game, then you know what it’s like poking a bear in the butt during its hibernating season. Don’t do that. In all honesty I never know what it will take to wake […]

The Time Traveling Trumps - AND so, with time travel potentially already being a thing of the past, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone to find traces of residue. More like sudden emergences in the pages of history. Like Marty McFly’s tampering with George McFly the science fiction novelist in his teenage bedroom, we too may discover the creepy crawling of […]

That’s Not How the Lyrics Go: The Mandela Effect In Music - IN fact, there have been so many lyrical changes to the most familiar of songs that I shan’t be able to cover them all. But I will do what I can to make a difference. They were after all the songs of our youth. The ones we sang unashamedly while driving to work in the […]

9/11, Donald Trump, and Back to the Future as an Intel Movie - WE inhabit a reality in which Biff Tannen not only ran for the presidency, but he also successfully planted his bum for a four-year stint in the Oval office. You know it and I know it. Everybody knows it. Oh please, don’t even pretend like you haven’t thought about that one already. For that lone […]

How Not To Love Yahuah: A Torah Beginners Guide - Now that we have looked into why we should love our Creator and how He wants us to love Him, it’s time to have a look at what the Scriptures say about how we shouldn’t try to love Him. This can be a tricky one to get into, especially for those of us who grew […]

Gorillas No Longer Beat Their Chest With Fists, Y’all - Gorillas don’t beat their chest with their fists anymore, y’all. They slap them. The official answer by the Jane Goodall people is that they cup their hands in rapid succession. Knuckles side up, never down. What in the world is all I have to say about that. I have been to the zoo. I have […]

The Mandela Effect: CERN’s Part In All of This - THE latest update to my Mandela Effect paper was a long time coming. The very otion that the cause and effects of time travel has already manipulated reality, and that we can furthermore experience some of those anomalies (false memories included) is definitely something I’ve been thinking about since the summer of 2016, when so […]

New Evidence for the Lion and the Lamb Mandela Effect -   I MUST be a glutton for punishment. Because the Bible used to say lion and the lamb, and I was one of those individuals who went around telling the Christian community about it. The subject is even something I covered in an article way back in the day only to junk it in the […]

The JFK Mandela Effect: 4 or 6 Seats in the Lincoln Continental? - ADMIT it. The moment you heard about the six seats is when you picked up the phone and called your dad. The online records will show it was June of 2016 when the latest ME news broke over the web and many sons began calling their fathers. June 4 is the earliest date that I […]

The Thinker Mandela Effect Is a Headache - IF your former reality was one in which the Thinker sculpture had the backside of his fingers pressed to his forehead then I am with you. We think alike. His chin is resting upon his hand now, which is no longer clenched, but that is only the beginning of his cognitive problems. The dude invokes […]