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The Apocalypse of Elijah

PDF: The Apocalypse of EliyahuThe Apocalypse of Eliyahu     1 The word of YAHUAH came to me saying, “Son of man, say to his people, ‘why do you add sin to your sins and anger Yahuah Elohiym who created you? 2 Don’t love the world or the...

YAHUDAH | The Hebrew Epistle of Jude

WELL, here we are on our third book. YAHUDAH: The Hebrew Epistle of Jude may only be one chapter, but it's still technically a book. I love these Hebrew books. They're far superior to the Greek in nearly every way. And so, I hope you enjoy our...

Hebrew Revelation | The Confidential Counsels of Yahuah: The Complete Study

22 EPISODES later and we finished our second series. Our first, you may recall, was the Hebrew Gospel of Yochannan. When we started last November, we had no idea the Hebrew book of Revelation would be translated into English and released unto the...

The Gospel of Gamaliel: Lament of the Virgin

PDF: The Gospel of GamalielThe Gospel of Gamaliel Or the Lament of the Virgin and the Martyrdom of Pilate   LAMENT OF THE VIRGIN In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Ruach HaQodesh, we will write a discourse composed by Cyriacus,...

The History of Joseph the Carpenter

The History of Yoceph the Carpenter   The History of Yoceph the Carpenter In the name of Elohiym, of one essence and three persons. The History of the death of our father, the holy old man, Yoceph the carpenter. May his blessings and prayers...

The Revelation of Stephen

The Revelation of Stephen     TWO years after the Ascension there was a contest about Yahusha. Many learned men had assembled at Yerushalayim from Ethiopia, the Thebaid, Alexandria, Yerushalayim, Asia, Mauretania and Babylon. There was a...

The Book of Nakash

The Book of Nakash   1 In the beginning was a seraph of the order of the heavenly hosts of Yahuah. His name was Nakash. He was given authority over the earth generations before man. 2 This is the book of Nakash and how he became null and void....

The Mother’s Lament at the Slaughter of the Innocents

An Irish poemThen, as she plucked her son from herbreast for the executioner, one of thewomen said: ‘Why do you tear from me my darling son,The fruit of my womb?It was I who bore him, he drank my breast.My womb carried him about, he sucked my...

The Hebrew Gospel of John: The Complete Series

FIFTEEN weeks later and we did it! Rob, Michael, and I finished our first series together. The Hebrew Gospel of John. Here you'll find our weekly videos as well as pdfs for all 21 chapters, comparing the Greek Textus Receptus with the Hebrew,...

Prophecy of Shem

1 He said, My days are coming to an end and I must prophesy what Yahuah has revealed unto me. In the end of days, Elohiym will send his word to die. Many will obey the word and wash themselves in its blood. However, Nimrud will return with his...

The Book of the Giants

The Book of the Giants Reconstructed from the Dead Sea Scrolls[These fallen angels] knew the secrets of [all things]. [At this time] sin was great on the earth. The wicked angels killed many people and begot giants [with mortal women]. The wicked...

The Testament of Our Father Adam

THE TESTAMENT OF OUR FATHER A’DAM     1 The first hour of the night is the praise of the demons; and at that hour they 2 do not injure or harm any human being. The second hour is the praise of the 3 doves. The third hour is the praise of...

The Letter of Lentulus

BUT the scholars, you tell me. No true scholar would ever give the Letter of Lentulus a second glance, you say.  The scholars have proven it to be a medieval forgery and we should listen to the scholars more often. Because the scholars understand...

The Targum of Qohelet (Ecclesiastes)

1 The words of prophecy which Coheleth, that is, the son of David the King, who was in Yerushalayim, prophesied. 2 When Solomon the King of Yashar’el foresaw, by the ruach of prophecy, the kingdom of Rehoboam his son, which will be divided with...

1 Maccabees

1 And it came to pass, after the triumph of Alexandros the Makedonian, son 2 of Philippos, who first reigned in Hellas, who came out of the land of Khettiim, had defeated Dareios king of the Persians and the Medes: 3 And He fought a lot of battles,...

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The Lost World of A’dam and Eve

The Lost World of A’dam and Eve

EXTRA-Biblical literature might as well be a pasttime of mine. As many to most of you know, I have devoted a great deal of my research and writing into comparing these sacred texts, seeing if the dueling pictures fit. Perhaps even strengthen the strokes of the pen in...

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The Psalm Project: Psalm 24

The Psalm Project: Psalm 24

A Mizmor of David Psalm 24   Of YAHUWAH Exists the earth: The ground, The continents, And the contents therein— The full number of them— Belong to Him. The inhabited lands And all those who dwell therein Are also His.   For the firmly fixed Authority, Has placed...

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The Psalm Project: Psalm 22

The Psalm Project: Psalm 22

To the Preeminent Musician The Superintendent of Temple Services To be performed to “Hind of the Dawning Light”   A Mizmor of David (Psalm 22)   Eli, Eli! lamah a-zab-tani!   My EL, My EL! Why did You let me go? Why did You desert me? I am cast away, Forsaken; Why are...

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The Travels of Noah Into Europe

The Travels of Noah Into Europe

AN HISTORICAL TREATISE OF THE TRAVELS OF NOAH INTO EUROPE: Containing the first in-habitation and peopling thereof. As also a breif recapitulation of the Kings, Governors, and Rulers commanding in the same, even until the first building of Troy by Dardanus. Done into...

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Enuma Elish (The Babylonian Epic of Creation)

Enuma Elish (The Babylonian Epic of Creation)

Enuma Elish (The Babylonian Epic of Creation)     Tablet I   1   When the heavens above did not exist, 2   And earth beneath had not come into being — 3   There was Apsû, the first in order, their begetter, 4   And demiurge Tia-mat, who gave birth to...

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Backsliding — Billy Sunday (a Sermon)

Backsliding — Billy Sunday (a Sermon)

"MANY START THE VOYAGE OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE under sending skies and upon smooth waters, but as they sail out of the harbor the sky becomes dark and the craft of their religion crashes upon the rocks. At first they are careful to obey the command of God, but after the...

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The Challenger Explosion was a Psychodrama

The Challenger Explosion was a Psychodrama

1 SEVERAL CONSIDERATIONS ARE PROBABLY in order as to why I distinctly recall the space shuttle Challenger disaster in real time—specifically the manner in which its memory has always been recollected. It’s literally burned into my mind. On the 28th of January, 1986 I...

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The Thirteenth Apostle

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