The Unexpected Cosmology

Mums the Word | The Littlest Dinosaur of India (It Bought a One-Way Ticket On the Nine-To-5) - THAT DINOSAURS AND MEN WERE CONTEMPORARIES on Earth is a fact which our educators would be wise to acknowledge. When a young formidable mind chances to notice something of truth beyond the textbook, and recognizes it as such, the lies embedded within their lectures and mid-terms become impenetrable. The great preacher Spurgeon said, “A lie […]

What Alice Found There (Part 3) | How the “Principle of Continuity” Transforms a Baby Into a Pig…Naturally - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A TERRIBLE COOK DOUSES HER STEW with too much pepper? Well, if it has anything to do with projected geometry, particularly Lewis Carroll’s distrust of it, and the narrative unfolds in Wonderland, we follow such action to its logical conclusion. Let’s observe. Everyone in the room sneezes, except for the Cheshire Cat. […]

The Greatest Truth…Our Greatest Threat…Is Not What “Truthers” Would Have You Believe #2 [Jesus Christ] - JESUS CHRIST WAS THE GREATEST PREACHER ON HELL who ever lived. He spoke of its nightmarish reality more than any other person in Holy Canon. He even brought it up more than He thought to mention his own hometown of heaven. And should the words of our Master be believed, total darkness and unquenchable fire […]

The Greatest Truth…Our Greatest Threat…Is Not What “Truthers” Would Have You Believe #1 [Charles Spurgeon] - CHARLES SPURGEON DESERVES TO GO TO HELL. He earned his place there, and so have you. It is a well-known yet little accepted fact that we all have earned it. The Bible couldn’t make this any clearer. For the wages of sin is death. Sayeth Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers: “I feel that if God […]

What Alice Found There (Part 2) | “Keep Your Temper”—A Reaction to Absurdity - IF WONDERLAND HAD A MAXIM, IT MIGHT READ: reductio ad absurdum, which, when translated from the Latin, means “reduction to absurdity.” In philosophical logic as well as mathematics, it is a form of argument quite familiar with Euclid’s proofs and which attempts to discredit a statement by establishing contention between both parties and showing the […]

What Alice Found There (Part 1) | This Side of the Science Delusion: Lewis Carroll’s Adventures in a Wonderland of Imaginary Numbers - WHAT MIGHT CAUSE THE CHESHIRE CAT TO VANISH of everything but its grin? An increasing abstraction in mathematical discipline would surely be to blame, naturally. To claim that each of us inhabit Wonderland will come as no surprise to some of you. Perhaps the far more practical question is—like Alice; are we trying to make […]

Jesus Trip > Mushrooms + Tea (Phil’s Testimony) - I WAS SOMEWHAT TAKEN BACK BY THE NOTE a reader left me in response to some of my recently written essays on the exploration of space, both inner and outer, and other religious trips through the use of DMT. As you may or may not know, the subject of my next Flat Earth book primarily focuses […]

“Vain Imaginations…” [Noel Hadley, Hyperspace & Flat Earth Ecumenism…] - NOT SO LONG AGO I CONFESSED TO A NEWFOUND ACQUAINTANCE my admiration for Mel Stuart’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But more on that in a moment. Suffice to say I was initially taken back to see my name included in the title of a YouTube video—more-so shaken than stirred. I would be lying if I […]

Flat Is Not the New Round, It’s the Original (Getting to Know Thew Long) - THE PLEASURE OF MEETING THEW LONG and so many other wonderful men and women at the Flat Earth International Conference 2017 has been all mine. If I’ve put off talking about FEIC17, it’s simply because I haven’t found the right words to say. Believe me, plenty has been put down on paper—none of which, so […]

“Deer’s Cry” | The Prayer of Saint Patrick - I ARISE to-day Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity, Through belief in the Threeness, Through confession of the oneness, Of the Creator of Creation.