Flat Is Not the New Round, It’s the Original (Getting to Know Thew Long)



THE PLEASURE OF MEETING THEW LONG and so many other wonderful men and women at the Flat Earth International Conference 2017 has been all mine. If I’ve put off talking about FEIC17, it’s simply because I haven’t found the right words to say. Believe me, plenty has been put down on paper—none of which, so far, will ever go to print. Perhaps I over-complicate the simplest things.

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At any rate, this is going to be a short post, mainly because I wanted to direct your attention to a video Thew just put out. There we are pictured together at FEIC17. I put a lot of work into my first Flat Earth book, Avoid Science Falsely So-Called, as many of you know. It was premiered in Raleigh for the conference—at least, that’s the first time I physically held it in my hands—and so it’s exciting hearing Thew quote from it, even if only to throw out a few lines.

From the beginning I think I’ve made my agenda transparently clear. There are many Christians and Christian-curious coming over to Flat Earth. This is nothing short of a pilgrimage—a lonely one at that. And if anything, I hope to encourage—inspire even—the pilgrim to live a holy life devoted to the LORD as they make their journey to the Celestial City. Since going public about this—the Biblical shape of the Earth—my position hasn’t changed. If Flat Earth is a movement and God isn’t a part of it, then I won’t be either.

Maranatha from Destin, Florida!