The Unexpected Cosmology

Lookout Mountain & the Bikini Atoll: How the Nuclear Bomb Was Faked in a Hollywood Studio - I RECOMMEND you check out the video footage taken from the Enola Gay. It’s an obvious movie. I don’t know what standards the public held in 1945, but it doesn’t come close to making the cut today. In the movie, you will see a mushroom cloud rising above the coastline city of Hiroshima, Japan, and […]

The Atomic Bomb Was a Hoax: Architects of Hiroshima - No, that’s not me sitting behind the typewriter. It’s somebody named Kurt Vonnegut Jr. You probably heard of him. He ends up in this report with a lot of other dudes. Mostly, witnesses to the War. I try not to get sidetracked, and this is one of those times. Anyhow, here is an update to […]

The Atomic Bomb Was a Hoax: Trinity Alchemists Exposed - THE ELDERS of Zion needed their Zionist State, and wouldn’t you know it, a Second World War had already been offered up on the menu. It’s all too convenient. But to pull it off, because why waste a good psyop on one meal when you can milk the cow for decades, they decided to add a little […]

Marie-Curie & the Crossroads of Mercury - “Be less curious about people and more-curious about ideas.” Madame Marie Curie GREAT MEN are selected. Women too. That’s just the way of it. It’s how the flat, motionless world spins on its axis. No, I am not bitter. Mind you, we are still dealing with the children of Cain, and I’m willing to bet […]