NEW ARTICLE: 06 / 11 / 2020: “A Rising Tide Sinks All Shores” Everyone welcome my first guest writer, Pauly Hart. If you’re not familiar with Pauly on social media, he’s a good guy to follow. I asked him to contribute an article to The Unexpected Cosmology, and he got straight to work on this offering.

NEW ARTICLE: 06 / 06 / 2020: “Becoming Jeranism: Jeran Campanella’s Journey to Flat Earth” I have a special treat for everyone today. What you are about to read (or not read) is the result of a very long, in-depth conversation with Jeran Campanella of “Jeranism” and “Globebusters.” After finally agreeing to be interviewed by me, I essentially wanted to know who Jeran was and how his worldview was formed. He was quite forthcoming. Jeran generously gave hours of his time for our initial interview, and any number of days thereafter, just to make this happen. Like many of you, I am deeply grateful to Globebuster’s. This write-up was my way of saying thank-you for everything. The following is Jeran Campanella’s story.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 20 / 2020: “SATANIC PANIC: The Day E.T. Visited the U.N.” For the record, this is one of my favorite articles I’ve ever written. And now it’s one of my most deeply personal. Three added sections detail the HIV pandemic.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 13 / 2020: “AMERICAN SENSATIONALISM | 9/11 and the Wake-Up Call for Truth (with Rick Hummer, Robbie Davidson, David Weiss, & Bob Knodel)” I set out to interview four of the biggest names in the flat earth Movement regarding their personal experiences with the September 11 false flag event. I originally only included Rick Hummer, Robbie Davidson, and Bob Knodel. For this article update, I added David Weiss to the narrative, and it’s an important one. Weiss was there.

NEW LIBRARY ADDITION: 05 / 11 / 2020:  “The Unexpected Cosmology: Rise of the 21st-Century Flat Earth Awakening (A Biography)” I partly blame this project on my sudden abundance of gray hair. Seriously, I spent my year in Europe interviewing dozens of flat earthists and then putting their personal stories down on paper. I attended the Flat Earth International Conference in Dallas in order to premiere it. The Unexpected Cosmology is free now in my library. With the coronavirus hoax, there’s far too many people out of work. Truth should never come at a cost. So, please download and enjoy.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 08 / 2020: “The Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball, Charlie Brown!Oh, good grief! As a lifelong Peanuts connoisseur, this is one of my favorite articles ever. This time I’ve made connections between flat earthist Charles Johnson’s hatred of globes and Charlie Brown’s first discovery of one. And  I’ve even taken the Monkey Scopes Trial one step further with the epic battle between Darwinist Alfred Wallace and the Zetetics at the Bedford Canal.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 07 / 2020: “Johannes Kepler’s Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon | Star Charts, Distant Suns, & Flight of the Navigator” This is the article where I connect the 1986 movie Flight of the Navigator with the personal demons of Johannes Kepler and then keep going to the development of stars becoming distant suns, with the sort of alien life-forms that Enlightenment women could swoon over.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 06 / 2020: “The Molecular Path to Shamanism | Watson, Crick, and the Double-Helix Delusion” Did Watson and Crick discover the coiling double-helix DNA molecule? I mean, did they really? At the risk of getting written up in another atheist magazine—because this article did just that—it kind of feels like Hermes beat them to it. But maybe that’s none of my business.

ARTICLE UPDATE: 05 / 06 / 2020: “The Ultimate Trip | Hyperspace Dialect & the DMT Doppelganger” The rumors are true. The space race developed out of Mystery religion Science. And when it comes to this sort of spiritual shamanism, we needn’t look too far to find DMT passed around in the hemlock. Indeed, a very common dialect can be found between the trip of one kind and that of another nature.

NEW ARTICLE: 05 / 04 / 2020 THE SQUARE and THE COMPASS | Peter Sellers, Albert Pike, and Your Very Last Lesson in Freemasonry Here’s another section from The Unexpected Cosmology anthology, which I was prepping to release this summer, but will likely never see the light of day in its intended finished form. It’s a dead project. I like this little nugget, because it ties Hollywood elite and the secrets of Freemasonry to one of the greatest lies in all of human history. And that is the shape of the earth.

NEW ARTICLE: 05 / 02 / 2020 They Call Her the Black Dahlia | Secret Societies, Mk-Ultra, Stanley Kubrick, & Hollywood Sex Cults I think it’s safe to say The Unexpected Cosmology is a dead project. I spent months upon months of my life interviewing people and then writing a multi-volume biography on my love of flat earth, the untold history of the world, and all things conspiracy. It was weird and I loved it. But at present, I see very little if any reason why a finished product will see the light of the day. That being said, I may release bits and pieces of the vision here and there. The following article is one such glimpse. It attempts a backroom peek at Hollywood, and the history is almost just as weird as the rest of the serial content in the series. Think, Mk-Ultra meets a Hitchcock movie review. The CIA sponsored movie making industry is dark indeed.