The Mud Flood Happened: Coming to Terms With the Human Reset

by | May 6, 2020

THE MUD flood happened. Best to come to terms with that fact now. For the remainder of this read, I am more than happy to play the part of the tour guide and show you the hidden reality buried beneath us. You have been warned though. The implications are glaring. We have been lied to, again. His-Story has been hidden from us. Therefore, it is not, nor will it ever be my intention however to convince you that it happened. Many will kick and scream and only move forward should somebody drag them by the hair, but I refuse to do that. Debates are elementary. Sometimes a gentleman scholar simply offers to hold the door open, which is precisely what is happening at this exact moment. At the very least it can be said that you noticed. And so, here is your offer. It is entirely up to you to walk through. More than anything, the invitation is for you to grab a shovel, as a dig site can be found on the other side. Somebody stubbed their toe on something, you see. That’s nearly always how these things begin. And so, let’s get our boots muddy and start uncovering the truth together. Below are just some of the articles which I’ve written on the topic.

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