SIR Galahad also had a part to play in this, being a Grail finder and all. After pushing the publish button on the first leg of my report, I was mostly just waiting around for the pitchfork and torch committee. They have wizened up to their ways, it seems, having never shown face. But then there are also the AI Bots posing as Arthurian experts. They too never arrived, though I was half expecting them, what is going on? Is the Media taking everyone out on a walk or something? It must be an election year. I guess I’ll just be speaking to myself then and that one reader who cares about the Mysteries, as I do. Yes, I’m speaking to you. Welcome.  

The following is an expansive update to my ‘Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail’ paper. If you would like to read this article, then you can nab the full report in the PDF. Also, thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel, The Unexpected Cosmology.

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