The Unexpected Cosmology

Vanilla Ice Was a Hoax: The Milli Vanilli Connection - JUST yesterday I released my paper on the Vanilla Ice psyop, and already, we’re digging back into it. That’s because I was laying in bed last night incable of sleep, due to the borken record imprinted in my head. Girl, you know it’s….. Girl, you know it’s….. Girl, you know it’s…… Believe me, it was […]

The Ice Man Cometh: Vanilla Ice Was a Hoax - JUST as we become aware of a shooting star only when, after inhabiting the aethereal realm for an untold lifetime, it blazes briefly and at the blink of an eye through the nighttime sky, beautifying our lives outside as well as within, so it was with the hip hop poet Robert Matthew Van Winkle. Only […]

Faster than a Speeding Bullet! The George Reeves Murder-Suicide Was a Hoax - YOU will likely recall how the murder slash suicide hoax of Superman actor George Reeves was first published last summer. I’ve decided to dig back into the circumstances surrounding his reported death again and a few new noteworthy details have been found, including a car wreck in the weeks leading up to the big incident, […]

Paul Is Dead: Clues Given to Us From the Sgt. Pepper Album - I WAS looking at the date of the second edition to this article and nearly two years have passed since that one and this was published. What a shame, really, especially since I’ve been meaning to build upon my case that the ‘Paul is dead’ conspiracy should direct our attention to a resurrection ceremony, esoterically […]

Son of a Witch: The Genealogy of Walt Disney - AFTER turning in my latest draft on The Trickster and Lucille Ball, I decided to dig back into my Walt Disney research. It only seemed natural to do so. For Uncle Walt and the Queen of Comedy have something in common, you see. They’re both directly descended from Salem witches, and isn’t that something? Technically, […]

The Trickster and Lucille Ball (Oppenheimer: Creator of Worlds) - SPRING cleaning. That’s what’s going on around here. I’ve been turning out several older articles while polishing them down and then giving new and added information. For the latest edition of The Trickster and Lucille Ball, we’ll be taking a closer look at Jess Oppenheimer, whom Lucille Ball said was the brains behind I Love […]

Baseball: A Masonic Ceremony | Angels In the Outfield - IT’S SPRING cleaning, you know. Old papers are getting dusted off the shelf, and so, here’s the latest. A vast improvement, if I say so myself. I turned in my first draft of ‘Baseball: A Masonic Ceremony’ a couple of years ago. The latest is given a heavy hand of polish but then includes a […]

Superman’s Curse: The George Reeves Murder-Suicide Was a Hoax -   A SHOT rang out. In the home of actor George Reeves, people frantically handed somebody else their martini glass and then tried to wake the naked couple in bed, though the police wouldn’t be called for nearly an hour. Earlier that evening, Reeves and his fiancée had gotten into an argument at a restaurant […]

Der Golem and The Batman -   The Batman   BATMAN’s creator was born in New York City to Herman and Augusta Kahn. Sounds rather suspicious, being born in New York City and all. The Wikipedia lists his parents as “Eastern European Jewish descent.” I knew it. Moving on, we then read that Robert Kahn, but you probably know him as […]

Raya and the Last Dragon: The Watchers Story Retold -   FINALLY, Disney is discarding the exoteric trope for a somewhat honest esoteric reality. I say somewhat, and that is because on every continent, dragonlore hearkens us back to the ancient (and still present) worship of the serpent. I’ve just described for you Raya and the Last Dragon, which is to say: Serpent worship. Oops, […]