The Unexpected Cosmology

Stars, Angels and Portents - If you have read my previous articles here on the Unexpected Cosmology, you will know by now that I have an insatiable desire to research Yah’s cosmology particularly in relation to the stars/luminaries. If this is your first experience of my writing, then I suppose you will soon catch on…it is a deep rabbit-hole but […]

Stars, Sun and Moon - Sitting in St Mary the Great Church, Cambridge (England, UK) a couple of years ago, I noticed an inscribed window which said: “Seek him that made the seven stars and orion,” which is a verse from Amos (5:8). YHWH made the stars, as my last few posts have discussed, but I know that what He […]

For Signs and Seasons and the Falling Stars - A couple of summers ago, on two very different dark nights, I was able to view the Milky Way Dark Rift for the first time. This was something achieved quite late in my life because it is only really in the last five years that I have begun to explore YHWH’s creation in great detail […]

Let There Be Lights in the Firmament - A couple of years ago, I went for a camping holiday to North Norfolk (I live in England) where I was able to experience the great array of stars at night in an unadulterated way. This was a fabulous experience for me as a city dweller where so much of the night sky is made […]

Exploring Genesis Through Art - Back in 2017 I had what I might now acknowledge was divine inspiration to start painting and writing on the theme of Genesis Chapter One. I felt that any painting I created was something that I would give away rather than sell and, indeed, because the images often intrigued the recipient, I found that I […]