The Unexpected Cosmology

Superman’s Curse: The George Reeves Murder-Suicide Was a Hoax -   A SHOT rang out. In the home of actor George Reeves, people frantically handed somebody else their martini glass and then tried to wake the naked couple in bed, though the police wouldn’t be called for nearly an hour. Earlier that evening, Reeves and his fiancée had gotten into an argument at a restaurant […]

Der Golem and The Batman -   The Batman   BATMAN’s creator was born in New York City to Herman and Augusta Kahn. Sounds rather suspicious, being born in New York City and all. The Wikipedia lists his parents as “Eastern European Jewish descent.” I knew it. Moving on, we then read that Robert Kahn, but you probably know him as […]

Four words: “Have Them Fight God” | Stan Lee & the Gnostic Reality Behind Marvel Comics - IN OUTER SPACE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Eight years before Armstrong and Aldrin’s fictitious walk on the moon, having passed twice through the Van Allen belt without consequence, a handful of hypothetical cosmonauts collided with yet another radiation in outer space, only they became the super group known as “The Fantastic Four.” For the record, that […]

“It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…….” the Occultist Origins of Superman -   SUPERMAN arrived on newspaper stands within three years of the Holocaust, lacking a homeland. Impeccable timing. His creators weren’t exactly your average run of the mill science-fiction aficionados, you see. We might as well get this out of the way now. They were Joos. The best kind too. Writer Jerome Siegel and artist Joseph […]