INITIALLY, visions of grandeur had me thinking I could turn out my commentary on Aza’zel in a single day. Forget about it. YAH only knows how long the construction signs will stay up, but that should be expected among my readership by this point in the relationship. It’s not like my older papers don’t need constant upkeep with all those potholes. Did you think I was trying to say plot-holes? Well, I wasn’t. Chanoch was fun and all, but it is time to turn to a far rarer read in the archives of synchronized extra-Biblical texts, which is ‘Apocalypse of Avraham.’ Aza’zel plays a starring role in that one as well. Many of you may not have the slightest idea what the Apocalypse is about, though it crops up often in my research. Hopefully, the following passage will give a solid overview. I will be sure to break for comment.    

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