You Only Live Twice: Sinead O’Connor’s Mandela Effect

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[8/1/2023: THE News is reporting that Sinead O’Connor died but many of us were already well aware of that fact. Tell us something we don’t know. She died some odd years ago, how long? 2019 rings a bell but then it may have been the first year or two of the Covid psychodrama. I couldn’t really tell you with any degree of assurance as all the years have begun to bleed together, and that probably comes with the age. I distinctly recall hearing about the death of Sinead O’Connor though and then reading recaps from her bio. Her shredding Pope John Paul II’s photo on SNL topped the greatest hits of her life. I’ll never forget when the incident in question happened, I was nearly 12 years old, and then thinking reminiscing upon it again a few years ago—after the first announcement arrived in the Media, that she’d died.  

But then, as you’ve probably already guessed, that’s not what the clipboard of fun reads this week in the Matrix. Sinead O’Connor was found unresponsive in her London flat, again—causes unknown. The they-them people will probably think up a medical condition to tickle us with but for now the Universe has spit her out onto the floor of our present reality and they’ve got to figure out what to do with her corpse. I didn’t even have to do a Google search to know what we’re dealing with. It’s so obviously a Mandela Effect.

I dare you to read what Reddit has to say about her. You have just been offered a thread which was published two years ago, as of this date, wherein another ‘person watcher’ put down his binoculars long enough to ask how it was humanly possible that she was still kicking the can because they distinctly remembered that she’d passed. And then look what else he says. He remembers her coming out as gay. Wait, she’s not gay? In my Universe she was gay and admittedly sexually confused. I checked. She still is both of those things—or rather, was. The Media still upholds that tidbit of the narrative. What alternate world is this Reddit thread originating from then? Was there a world where she was gay but then wasn’t, because in my reality, she wasn’t gay until she was.

But then check out the first comment on the thread. Looks like a Gubbernment spook showed up, fiddling around with the knob on the gaslight again. Apparently, anyone who thinks Sinead O’Connor already died is confusing her with Dolores O’Riordan, the other Irish singer from the Cranberries. Oh sure, I get piano man Tom Waits and Billy Joel mixed up all the time. It happens so often that I forgot to laugh. Because white people all look the same to me. Especially women, Irish women. That’s okay because they’re white and it’s not racist to say something like that about white people, and what is a woman anyways? But then I probably couldn’t tell the difference between Elton John and Liberace if my life depended upon it. I’m only kidding. That was a joke. Because I am not confusing Sinead and Dolores anymore than I would Van Morrison and Bono.

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