STUMBLING upon this little nugget of inofrmation proved to be the most shocking moment of any livesteam I’ve been a part of. That’s when the discovery happened, during our online Sabbath study. Rob, Michael, and I were discussing the Hebrew Gospel of Yochannon (John) chapter 19, which was of course only an English translation of the Hebrew. Meanwhile, one of our listeners, who would like to remain unidentified, was reading the text directly from the Hebrew, and this is what she found. It wasn’t the Romans who brutalized and murdered Yahusha. No, it was the Jews. Specifically, the Pharisees were named. That’s what it repeatedly says in the Hebrew. The Pharisees were the movers and shakers from beginning to end. It’s also why everybody listening in were like: “That makes a lot of sense.” Pontius Pilate had already washed his hands of the entire affair.

Ronit quickly came up with the following PDF file in order to further explain her find. Most everything I publish on here nowadays is a PDF anyways. Feel free to listen to the episode as well. Shalom.

Who Really Crucified Yeshua?