The Sword In the Stone Mandela Effect

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SOME Mandela Effects couldn’t be any more obvious, like this one right here, and so, I will sit here strumming my fingers across the tabletop waiting for you to figure it out. Please don’t take too long. My children will be up soon. The baby will begin crying. And they will expect breakfast prepared for them. I have already done all I can to help you spot the alteration without coming right out and saying it. You have before you a movie title as well as two versions of the same still from the said movie. That’s all you need to jog your memory. One is taken from the current reality whereas the other depicts the animation as so many of us seem to recall. Well, which is it? Notice what I didn’t put for a movie title. ‘The Sword in the Anvil.’ There is your answer.

It’s spring cleaning around here at TUC, and so, I’ve been putting in the fixes upon my Mandela Effect paper as of late. The Sword In the Stone is one of them. You can read the entire PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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