To the Preeminent Musician

To the Superintendent of Temple Services

The Chief Singer:


Of David

(Psalm 11)


In the Self-Existent, Eternal One—


Do I take refuge.

I flee to His protection.

In Him, I confide.

How dare you speak proudly

To my nephesh,

My living, breathing vitality:

“Take flight,

Little bird!

Shiver and flutter!

Fly away to the mountains!”


For, behold, those criminals,

The condemned and guilty, tread down.

They draw the bow.

They fix the arrow to the string.

They cast forth fiery darts

At the upright in heart.


From the house of chaos,

Their strong leader

Sets his face

Against the righteous.


If the columns be overturned,

If the support be broken

And the foundation ruined,

If the defenders of what is right and good Be destroyed,

The tsaddiyq

The just and lawful,

The righteous in conduct and character—

What can the workers do?



In His spacious, magnificent palace,

In His set-apart dwelling,


Who seats upon His royal throne,

The seat of His honor

Above the lofty sky,

His eyes behold,

They contemplate,

And with the dawning light

Of His vision

He investigates

The sons of A’dam.

YAHUAH examines

The tsaddiyq—

The just and lawful,

The righteous in conduct

And character,

He tries them as gold.


But the wicked,

The condemned and guilty,

Those liable to punishment,

Those men who,

With every breath,

Desire violence,

These women who

Delight in cruelty,


His nephesh—

The living, vital essence

Of His Being—



He shall pour down

Upon those who leave the correct path,

Upon the condemned and guilty,




Burning pitch,

A terrible Ruah,

A flaming fever

Of famine.

This shall be

Their portion,

Their allotment.




Just and lawful,


Loveth those who follow

The correct path.

These truthful and just ones

Shall YAHUAH behold

Before His faces.

Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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