The Biblical Vision of Judgement and She’ol

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The vision I’m about to share changed my life; it was not just a dream. I’ve remembered it vividly for decades. This vision showed me enough to change my views on Native American Shamanism; and influenced me to read the Torah and believe in the Messiah. Most of the Medicine Men I grew up with did not trust the bible, and for good reason. Native Americans have a grave history with religious factions and their militant operations. As a result, I did not fully believe in the Messiah and was told he never existed or was not meant for us. Throughout my youth I was dragged to churches of every denomination, including Sunday schools; giving me a strong spiritual foundation. But I still only believed in the Father Creator. I was also apprenticing under Medicine Men, who had a strong influence on my beliefs and outlook on the spiritual world.

Native Americans have a strong belief and faith in the significance of dreams, which we refer to as visions. We go to medicine men to interpret the messages and give thanks the spirit beings who may have delivered it. Some visions are seen as prophetic warnings or predictions, such as the visions of Black Elk. Some dreams are so specific you may even be shown an actual location, maybe to find someone or something. You may receive instructions from a spirit on how to make herbal medicines, make magical items for spiritual protection or luck, build a sweat lodge, or even a chant or prayer. Many ceremonies are very mystical, paranormal, and defy scientific explanation—revealing a very real spiritual world. Spirit beings often materialize to assist attendees with healing, requests, queries, including dream interpretation. When I discussed my vision to the Medicine Men, their expressions were of shock. I remember them conversing with one another after the ceremony. Their interpretation was simple and did not satisfy me; I knew there was more to the meaning. They said there are two paths I can walk in life, good or evil, and to choose now.

This vision was not Native American, it was purely biblical, which was strange and unlikely for a medicine man in training. However, reflecting on this dream almost always kept me on the straight and narrow path; there was a dread and reverence forever instilled in me. Studying the KJV bible, books of wisdom, as well as watching videos made by scholars and study leaders enhanced my understanding of this dream, as well as revealing the small details—allowing this dream to unfold and be further understood as I matured on my spiritual path. I believe that was the plan the Most High had in mind. To forever awaken and fortify my faith and belief in the Messiah, his Son, including my path and study of the Torah. I enjoy keeping the feast days, especially the weekly Shabbat; it feels right. The transition from ‘Shamanism to Torah’ was an ordeal in itself; I lost a huge part of my cultural identity and what I felt was my purpose. I invested years into walking the ‘Medicine Way,’ in fact much of my youth was spent in apprenticeship. But, in my heart, the Torah felt sacred; it felt like the absolute truth. The world made more sense under the Torah. It gave me laws to abide by, a Redeemer, and a path that would lead me to the Kingdom. In its pages I discovered more magic, spiritual beings, mysteries, the firmament, the heavens, the soul, our purpose, and Earth history. And like shamanism, the Torah also illustrates that dreams can be sacred channels where divine messages and visions can be delivered.


I found myself in the company of who I believe was the Messiah. He was dressed in a brown colored robe with an olive tunic, and a rope-like belt. His skin was a bit light, he had a short brown beard, and emitted a slight glow. His presence was comforting, and it was like he knew me. He spoke quietly, sometimes even speaking in my thoughts. We were in a deep underground cave standing in the darkness of a cavernous hallway. Ahead of us, was an open space, there was a window-like opening carved in the rock; almost like a balcony. I could see an orange glow radiating from what was beneath, and the distant stone walls of the chasm. He motioned me to come forward with him as we approached the overlook.

We walked up to the balcony, I placed my hand on the rock opening, and it was bumpy yet surprisingly smooth. I expected it to be jagged and rough. The Messiah started to speak about what I was about to see and where we were. Ahead of us, opposite the balcony was a tall cavern opening, it must have been 20ft high. It seemed to lead to nowhere. There were no exits or entrances. To the right of it was a dark colored stained-glass window, reaching to the top of the cave. It was pulsating with a light that moved upwards, like a marquee, emitting a peculiar repeating frequency as it pulsed. There was also a low ominous hum constantly that vibrated throughout the cavern.

The right of the cave was dark, with towering rock face walls. I noticed the cave wall below and around me had several ‘windowed’ balcony openings, like a theatre or coliseum. It spanned halfway across the wall, with the rest containing tunnel entrances, and eerie darkness. The cave seemed to be a hollowed-out place, deep beneath the earth, hidden, and unreachable. I was fixated on the stained-glass mosaic, watching it pulse, hypnotized by its tones. The Messiah motioned for me to look below and to the left.

I was very shaken by what I witnessed; a pool of molten fire, glowing brightly, filled with hundreds of people burning in agony. They were groaning, crying, moaning in despair and in anguish. Their flesh melted, revealing muscle and a white coating, only to grow back and burn off again; repeating their suffering. They kept hanging onto each other, pulling each other down, grabbing each other’s faces, rolling in the pool of fire; preventing each other from surfacing. There was a ‘shoreline’ of rock, crowded with sinister imp-like creatures. There were hundreds of them. They were greyish colored, had pointy ears, naked, and some had long tails. I did not think they were demons, but unknown creatures long forgotten. They held shiny silver-colored spears, spikes, and tridents that were slender and had needle-like points. They were relentlessly thrusting their weapons into the bodies of the people, preventing their escape. They spoke a strange language and would laugh hysterically each time they stabbed their victims, causing them to submerge beneath the pool. I watched as they stabbed the people’s hands, bodies, and torsos. I was increasingly horrified and disturbed as I continued to watch. I saw their faces, heard their voices, their moans, and their incoherent words. They were in deep sorrow and agony. Was this Sheol?

Then suddenly emerging from the dark cavern ahead, was a tall creature, very demonic, and frightening. He was as tall as the opening. He appeared to be ablaze, his face was skull-like with fiery eyes, he had extensive black horns like a bull, and was muscular with long limbs. He carried a whip of fire that burned with fiery flames. Over the years, I encountered two coincidentally exact depictions of this large demon. One was featured on the video game Diablo; a demonic skull faced creature with large horns. I was almost shocked when I saw the illustration on the video game cover. The second, was the creature ‘Balrog’ from the movie ‘Lord of the rings,’ who battled Gandalf the Wizard. This demonic creature also gripped a whip of Fire. I was shocked as I watched this almost exact representation. How could this be? It was like the producers of this film channeled this image.

The demonic overlord started to speak to the imp-like creatures, like an overseer. Meanwhile, the imp-like creatures started to gather behind us, some even crawling up the walls. How did they find us? Now they were probably all alerted. They chattered amongst each other, speaking their strange tongue. They scurried about, eventually amassing in great numbers, slowly expanding closer to us. I thought they were either curious, wanted to attack, devour us, or throw us into the pool of fire. I became frightened, and looked over to the Messiah who was not bothered. Knowing I was troubled, he looked at me, then at the creatures. He uttered a few words, rebuking them, while his aura flashed brightly, emitting a bright whitish blue color; illuminating the cavern. The creatures immediately shrieked and scrambled away in a panic, clearing the entire balcony. It was clear and safe.

However, while in the process of vacating the area, we caused a commotion that caught the attention of the giant demon overseer. He looked up at us, as we stood above him in the balcony opening. He looked at the Messiah, then over at me, then grinned. He slowly raised his whip of fire then quickly lashed out at me. I watched in terror as the end of the whip grew closer and closer to my face. I was about to suffer the impact when the Messiah spoke and we disappeared; teleporting us out of that abyssal hell of tormented souls. I was relieved to be out of there, far from that giant demon and his army of wicked minions. I could not get the image of those people’s burning flesh out of my head, not to mention the sounds of their anguished voices—it would forever haunt me. I never want to end up there!

I found myself riding with the Messiah in a cloud, like a chariot, or air balloon basket. I was so astonished, in disbelief that we were in a solid cloud. I felt the cloud and it was firm, but at the same time had a strange soft texture. How could this be? I watched as the Messiah, was speaking, pointing out towards the Earth and sky. He was now dressed in white robes, they glowed brightly, and he had a golden sash. I noticed that his beard was light brown; I could barely make out details while down in the abyss.

I noticed that the Earth was very silent, with the occasional sound in the distance, almost like it echoed from hundreds of miles away, traveling across the Earth. The trees stood motionless, not one small breeze or movement, and the leaves were eerily still. The lake was so calm, not one ripple or wave, it looked like a mirror that reflected the sky above perfectly. There was no sun, yet there was light. The sky was colored in a myriad of sunset colors; purples, blues, and orange. It was also filled with fluffy clouds of white. The sky also looked noticeably vaster, it was greater and higher. I recall this similar Earth behavior happening in a biblical encounter I had once before.

We started to descend, I looked downwards, realizing we were back at my home in Northern Alberta. We hovered down towards the lake and beachfront. I recognized this beach; I’ve visited here since my childhood. I never saw this aerial view before, it was amazing. We passed by this large saskatoon bush that stood at the foot of the lake, where we would pick berries after swimming. I noticed there were people gathered on the beach. I recognized most of them. They were people from my home community; some have long since passed on, some were presently still alive. They were joyful, speaking amongst each other, smiling, like a reunion. I also noticed positioned over the lake in front of the beach, was a set of floating metallic steps leading to a bright white glowing ‘portal.’ It was not very elevated, a short walk, with maybe seven floating steps. At the top and to the left of it, stood a tall angel in front of a podium. He appeared to be summoning them one by one, watching them walk up the steps, where they would disappear through the mysterious entrance.

We arrived at the foot of the steps, landing gently on the beach, the cloud faded and disappeared. Everything looked so pristine, the beach was never this stunning and perfect. I followed the Messiah up the steps, reaching the top platform, in front of the heavenly portal. The light swirled clockwise, it felt divine, and I desperately wanted to run inside. I noticed the Messiah and the Angel smiling and conversing; they were like old friends, very familiar with each other. Later in life I pondered if this was the Angelic Messenger Michael. The angel was dressed in glowing white robes, that had elaborate gold embroidery, and blue or purple trim. He had shoulder length, light golden-brown hair. He did not have a beard and had a glowing light-colored complexion. I did not remember his eye color. I was distracted by his epic sword of fire, its flames blazed as it hung on his left hip. In front of the Angel, on the podium, was a very large book. The book was a greenish color, covered in elaborately designed and etched solid gold, and had very large ‘locks’ on the ends. It was open and appeared to be about 10 inches thick on each side. I imagine this contained the names of the people in attendance, who were waiting on the beach.

While the Messiah and the Angel were conversing, I was drawn to the portal. It had this attractive force that was overwhelming, drawing me close, I had this intense desire to run inside. It felt like home. It’s where I wanted to be. I had this sudden impulse to rush towards the doorway and run inside­—I couldn’t resist. As I quickly drew near the door, both the Messiah and the Angel looked over at me. The angel reached out his arm, I felt his hand on my chest stopping me, followed by this sudden burst of energy that forced me backwards. It did not hurt. I flew up into the air over the people on the beach, their heads turning as they watched me fly up and past them. It was definitely an unusual sight to see.

That’s the last thing that happened as I awoke from this vision. I was shaken. I was also in sleep paralysis. I could feel my soul slowly entering my body. My hands felt like I was putting on gloves, which was bizarre. I felt my soul fully settle into my body, allowing me finally to move. I laid in bed, silent, in deep thought for a long while. I knew this vision was powerful and that it meant something.

Over the years, while studying the Torah, books of wisdom, and watching studies online, the details and meaning started to unfold before me. Such as recognizing the Book of Life. I wondered if that demon was in fact Apollyon. Did I witness a section or type of Sheol? I discovered I was riding in a cloud as described in the Torah. There are numerous aspects of this vision that slowly unraveled, eventually coming to light. I also do not recall what he said to me, but I didn’t have to—the message was clear. I have remembered this vision in detail since that day, it was lucid, and was implanted in me permanently. It kept me on the righteous path; I had a greater reverence and fear of the Most High. This vision also served to reinforce my faith and belief in the Messiah forever.

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