Rewritting Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming: How 1984 Partners with the Mandela Effect

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Children’s author Roald Dahl became the talk of the town in February of 2023 when it was reported here, here, and here and in a thousand other Newspapers that several of his books were receiving the latest greatest woke treatment due to some of his choice words being deemed too offensive. Mm-hmm, they’re rewriting his books. For starters, the Oompa Loompas are now little ‘people’ rather than little ‘men.’ If the differentiation somehow confuses you, it’s probably because you’re a straight, white, conservative male. Your very existence is probably offensive to the transgenders. But then the gluttonous chunker Augustus Gloop is ‘enormous’ rather than ‘fat’. Seems to me that enormous is far more offensive than being a fatty but why try to spoon feed sensitivity readers with a healthy dosage of logic? They’re already victims of a hundred if not thousands of Intel psyops and are showcasing the recognizable symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, like Patty Hearst but on steroids.

Between that and the latest rewritting News regarding 007 writer Ian Fleming I decided to give my Mandela Effect paper another much needed update. Many of you will claim there’s nothing connected whatsoever between what’s happening with Dahl and Fleming and the ME but I disagree. The defining difference is that they want you to know about the book rewrites, and what’s more to invoke moral outrage over it, whereas the other changes are being utilized as gaslighting devices. I talk about the Dahl and Fleming issue in depth, as well as how they’re both connected with MI6, within the intro to The Mandela Effect.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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