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THE MUD Flood happened. But you knew that already. It means that His-Story as we know it is one big fat lie. I figure many to most of my readers have come to terms with that fact by now. The other thing that you’re very likely aware of is that I’ve taken it a step further. Some time ago now I began proposing the idea that the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah physically transpired upon the earth, and that we are currently living in the little season afterwards, when HaSatan is given a newfound set of reins to deceive the nations.

At first, it was little more than a hunch. But then I started poking around and prodding. Sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong, that sort of thing. And now, some years later, here we are. I am thoroughly convinced, well beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Bible went down exactly as it claimed it would, and precisely on schedule too. The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah happened.

My latest book has been years in the making. The amount of problem solving needed to gain a peripheral vision was no easy task, as clearly, this is a brand new frontier in the flat, motionless plane of research. Currently sitting at 467 pages, Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood is packed full with information. No, I do not offer you every answer. You will have questions, and I cannot answer every one. Also, if I were expected to come up with all the answers and to solve every riddle, then this book would likely never be offered. Therefore, what you are about to read (or perhaps not read) is my path of discovery. I hope it is insightful to you as it was to me. 


Noel Joshua Hadley

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