Where’s a man’s horizon be,
Not one yard further can he see.
Man’s eye-formed tent is God’s provision
To frame and encircle all his vision,
In all directions he can see,
His eye-line’s length the same will be.
His horizontal line of sight
Is equal to its length upright:
That is, straight on before his eye
Is just the same up vertically.
Controlled by certain limits too,
The telescope extends his view:
But its extended line of gaze
Is also equal in all ways,
All mortal things have limit scopes,
Including man-made telescopes.
But globites think their eyes can trace
A hundred million miles in “space”:
That is, when looking towards the sun
They say the stars are further on–
Some stars-they-see-are–so they say
Five hundred million miles away !
But the Creator of the sky
Created too the human eye:
So doubtless, ’tis a wise decision
That man is limited in vision,
And each man’s dome, formed by his eye
Holds all he sees of earth or sky.

-Lady Blount