The Unexpected Cosmology

The Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball, Charlie Brown! - CHARLES SCHULZ remembered a time when the Earth was flat. Perhaps not very fondly—and I’ll explain why in a moment. But in the early decades of his monumental fifty-year run drawing Peanuts for the funnies, its memory certainly hadn’t escaped him. The evangelist Wilbur Glenn Voliva and his religious band of rebel-rouser flat earthists likely had […]

Flight of the Navigator: Johannes Kepler’s Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon - ON THE EVENING of July 4, 1978, a twelve-year-old boy named David Freeman is sent by his parents to retrieve his annoying younger brother from a friend’s house. The scene if Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Night approaches. His dog tags along. David crosses the train tracks and then proceeds through a wooded grove—a journey he’s no […]