The Unexpected Cosmology

The Fatal Silence | MYSTERY BABYLON & the Lake of Fire according to 1 Enoch - LONG AGO TWO HUNDRED ANGELS DESCENDED upon Mount Hermon in order that humanity might learn the mysteries of heaven, and then one day, while Azazel, Semjaza, and the lot of their fellow transgressors were sitting around weeping, the Prophet Enoch met them. He had been asked to write a petition on their behalf, that they […]

Our God Is a Consuming Fire - SCRIPTURE DOES NOT INTRODUCE US TO NADAB AND ABIHU as malevolent men. Quite contrarily, they were the eldest sons of Aaron—priests of the one true God. Nadab was heir to the office of high priest. Abihu was next in line. Nobody else but their father and Moses their uncle were given a more prestigious standing […]

This Side of Gehenna | The Anatomy of a White-Washed Tomb (The Hellenistic Jew, Immortal Soul & Reincarnation) - WHILE PREGNANT WITH A SECOND CHILD, the 35 year-old Empress Poppaea Sabina was kicked to death by Nero, her third and final husband. Yet another antichrist in a succession of many reigned from Rome. Only one year earlier, on a muggy July night in 64 AD, over half of the city was leveled by fire. […]

Death Shall Be No More | The Truth About Hell, Eternal Torment, and Gehenna - ISRAEL’S HUMILIATING DEFEAT IN 722 BC was simply not enough for her captors. The king of Assyria pressed the brunt monarchic weight of his eyesight upon Judah. Within twenty years, 701 to be exact, his successor had conquered every fenced city of the southern kingdom—all but one. Sennacherib wanted Jerusalem. Hoping to appease his unquenchable […]