THE PRACTITIONER OF “TONGUE-SPEAK” SHALL SURELY FIND, having left the Charismatic faith behind him—that his gift remains. That is, if he wishes his emotional babblings to continue. Upon closer investigation, he may stumble upon the Buddhist and Shinto priests in East Asia or the Sufis of Islamic mysticism—even the Zulu in South Africa—all of whom maintain his gifting. Yet supposing he cannot travel far, the shamans of every continent on Earth can accommodate him. He may even risk a voodoo lounge. If however these tongues are too exotic for his taste buds—or socially impractical—he may find that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engages in his practice. But Paganism and local cults are only the beginning. There is an entire experiential catalog for the Tongues-speaker to discover. No surprise, the New Age religion is featured in its centerfold.


CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT. But that was three decades ago. Back then Yvonne Perry was a devoted Charismatic. Only problem—she had yet to experience the Spirit baptism that her church made a regular habit of advertising. After a prayer partner left her home, Perry closed the door to her bedroom so that her kids wouldn’t overhear what she expected might—and very will did—occur. “Very timidly,” she writes of her experience, “I began to intone and move my lips asking that the Holy Spirit…help me stir up this ability and bring it forth as a prayer tool.” Within minutes Perry found herself pronouncing the phrase: “porta-reek-may-co-con-tay-go.” The babbles sounded almost alien. She desperately needed an interpreter. There were none to be found. But no matter—the gift was born. Perry is no longer a practicing Charismatic. This is important to note, because the gift remains.

Now days Yvonne Perry is a metaphysical author and self-described Light Language practitioner. The babbling mantra which first came upon her that fateful hour, by the way, was finally interpreted.

You have asked and received.”

And as for the Holy Spirit which once delivered the message—Perry now recognizes her as “the Divine Mother.”

Some call it the tongues of angels, others the language of the soul. For Yvonne Perry, the act of praying, speaking, or uttering in unknown tongues “is also known as light language, galactic language, star language,” and “cosmic language.” Altering only slightly in outlook from her Charismatic origins, this language of light “is meant to override the conditioning and programming of the logical mind and allow one to commune directly with Source.”

For everyone involved, Charismatic or none, “Tongue-speak” sources its origin in the divine. More precisely, it is a “powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love from Creator.” Perry affirms the language of light is a “sacred geometry produced by vibration,” and believes it contains the code of creation which correlates not only with our DNA, but atoms, crystals, mandalas, hieroglyphs, and pyramids. Light language allows the New Age practitioner to access information from realms beyond what is commonly accessed. In true pantheistic fashion, the language of light can be borrowed from animals, plants, elementals, crystals, minerals, even fairies—spirits which cannot easily advocate for themselves.

“The very fiber of our physical biology holds information from everything on Earth and beyond,” she says. “These are woven together to form an interconnected network or pathway of communication. Humans have been conditioned to believe that they are separate and superior. We have a mixture of DNA from our many star families. Their languages or signals are embedded into our knowing, and as we awaken to our full potential, the codes for these vibrations are activated. This is why light language sounds so familiar to us or touches us on a deep level in our emotional body.”

Some reference their astral-guides. Perry calls them galactic ambassadors, who travel throughout the universe or perhaps through other dimensions speaking multiple DNA languages in order to communicate with us. Whatever the case, Perry can rest assured: “Earth is a foreign country to star-seeds. Hearing the language of home is a comforting sound.”



LIGHT LANGUAGE IS AN ANCIENT TEACHING that was passed down from the Shamans of Vera Cruz, Mexico, and rooted in the Mayan culture. In other words, the Mayans were light years ahead of Pentecostal Father Charles Fox Parham.

Homaya Amar felt as though God were setting her on His lap, saying (translated from Tongue-Speak): “You have done a great job till now. I am going to teach you a bit more of how I work.”



SHERRI-LEE LAVENDER DESCRIBES HERSELF as a “Cosmic Frequency Transceiver,” and like metaphysical author and self-described light language practitioner Yvonne Perry, she too was tutored in tongue-speak among the clutches of Charismatics. She writes: “I pressed and pressed again to tap into this ‘stream of the Holy Spirit,” but could only sound a single syllable, ah. “Yet being the stubborn and driven bitch that I am, I persisted.” Sherri-Lee soon made out the utterance Abba—the Hebrew word for father—and began singing “in this mysterious cadence of nonsensical ‘words’ and felt as though my spirit soured, free and happy beyond the trappings of the human dullness.”

Becoming a New Age mystic wasn’t exactly an overnight decision. For the following fifteen years Sherri-Lee “walked through the experiences of judgement rife within Christian church culture related to the appropriate use of Tongues in the congregation.” For this reason the Cosmic Frequency Transceiver will not capitalize letters for nouns such as “pentecostal,” “christian,” and “god”—“simply because I do not believe they deserve the deference.” When her belief matrix, as she calls it, of organized religion finally collapsed around her, “many crazy-ass things happened.” In other slightly less poetic terms, the floodgates opened, and the “language of unknown origin erupted in a sometimes violent cascade of crashing frequencies.”

While a Charismatic, Sherri-Lee employed the Holy Spirit as a transceiver. What she came to realize however—among her spoken animal sounds, the clicks and pulses, varying tones and songs that were emitted by Mother Nature and which formed her spoken dialects—she was ultimately picking up information from realms beyond. Actually, what Sherri-Lee discovered is “Tongue-speaks” natural and ultimate conclusion—Gnosticism. “The Earth human was initially intended as a more fluid home for the Spirit Essence, one which could be moved in and out” of this material existence without the forceful prompting of a near-death experience. At some point in antiquity, “the body systems were limited….wherein once a spirit essence entered, it could not leave.” Gnosticism indeed…

Why now?—I mean, why has Tongues swept across the Earth like a wind-swept forest fire? To this questions Sherri-Lee contends: “The remembrance of Light Language seems to appear for some having a kundalini awakening or after being attuned with Reiki or some form of shamanic healing. The frequencies of light language bring in intense energies that help with spiritual activation, processing shifts in consciousness, facilitating light body restructuring, and getting information/guidance needed. It connects us to higher realms where we have a better understanding of our multi-dimensional experiences.”

Simply stated, evolution has accelerated.

Though the archaeologist has failed to take his planting rake and digging trowel to the lost city of Atlantis, there is very little adrift from that continent. The Watchers of that once-great Mystery Religion are still capable of guiding those who seek them. Says Sherri-Lee: “We may have used this form of communication in other lifetimes or dimensions such as during the Golden Age of Lemuria. Some of the star-seed languages are the channeled voices of galactic beings of light who are assisting us in healing ourselves and others.” Because the frequencies accessed by the employment of light language can affect our DNA, Sherri-Lee is happy to conclude: we are thus reconnected “with the blueprint and template upgrades for the divine human.”



THE MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHER AND OCCULTIST POET Rumi (1207-1273), a Sufi-mystic and favorite for the New Age Tongue-Speak practitioner, taught that the chief end of man was to emancipate himself from human thoughts and wishes, including the outward impressions of the senses, so that he may become a mere mirror for the Deity.

He wrote: “The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”



KIKI CINZA RECENTLY CONFESSED OF HER latest Tongue-Speak experience: “It was almost as if my ancestors—my spirit guides—my spiritual pose, if you will, kind of came through me and argued it out for me and I was almost like a witness to it, because I remember as I was speaking I was looking over in a different direction almost watching it happen; the sounds almost manifested themselves into beings arguing out everything I was feeling. When I was done speaking I just felt so much relief and I felt better and I knew right away—I was like, oh my gosh, you took care of this for me. And I was so appreciative and thankful.”

Her higher consciousness was being worked out for her simply by allowing the language to come through. It is, as Kiki described it, a dam of information bursting through in a free and clear way.

Kiki ends, as Charismatics often do: “but that was my own personal experience.”

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A WOMAN IDENTIFYING HERSELF to Light Language guru Kiki Cinza as a former Charismatic—though she grew up Baptist and Lutheran—began speaking in tongues because her church elders had convinced her it was proof of the Holy Ghost. In order to secure her Spirit baptism, church mothers coached her into it by the laying on of prayerful hands. Now days she begins each tongues session by chanting:

“I am immortal. I am a messenger of the Almighty Absolute Everything…”

And then:

Ah-na-ho-you—tobata-eee. Yea-he-ne—yama-no-co-ha-na. Ay.

During an online homework assignment, Kiki Cinza asked her students to record their Light Language Tongue-Speak and then jot down a possible interpretation.

Her student responded: “The whole process usually lasts only a few minutes, and it takes me longer to ‘come down.’ Sometimes I dance while speaking in tongues, as if I’m in a powwow. I am taken away, as the power surges through my body. I get the impression that my indigenous ancestors are talking through me. My only hesitation is in attempting to put these sacred sounds into English, but here goes: ‘Ah; means, yes. ;Na-ho-yo’ means, I know you. ‘Tobata-eee’ means, we are here to help. ‘Yea-he-ne’ means, it is good. ‘Yama-no-co-ha-na’ means, beloved, here am I. ‘Ay’ means, always.



BABETTE IS A SELF-DESCRIBED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER who understands perfectly well what is meant when Tongue-Speak is referred to as directed energy. To this she says: “It came to me that speaking in tongues or glossolalia is the language of energy. While thinking about this it dawned on me that this would be perfect to use for spell work, invocation or basically directing my intentions. In the past I have often been challenged with writing or speaking, using English, to state my intentions for spell work, invocations or magic. Immediately I’d begin to think that perhaps what I stated was not good enough or sufficient, I don’t have this problem now. By creating/allowing the feeling of my intention I can speak in tongues and know that my intention/energy is flowing unhampered by my programmed mental gymnastics. I’m speaking in tongues purposely now and have incorporated into my developing practices.”



L. RAYNOR GREW UP BAPTIST AND LATER learned to speak Tongues in Charismatic churches. She recently told Kiki: “Speaking in tongues seems to me that it’s our ancestral past trying to remind us that it’s still alive and well and if we are willing, guidance will come… it enables puzzle pieces to become complete, helps us know that universally we are one and our individual selves are pieces trying to find the greater whole. To me “Language” is just one of the barriers we must fight through—it kind of doesn’t exist. When we tap in with who we are and who we should synch with, the language will be universal…”

In order to speak in tongues, she begins by rehearsing a variation of the Hermetic Axiom: “You shall be All, All shall be You.” By instigating mantras, sigils are created. Tongues, Raynor insists, is a powerful magical tools beyond the confines of the English language.



ANOTHER STUDENT OF KIKI CINZA refers to herself as Sipher. She says: “I believe that speaking in tongues is accessing your God being… If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then I think the mouth is the door and the tongue is the key. What if speaking in tongues is a password and the key to the end of division? What if there is a whole culture emerging that speaks only in tongues and if you are still trying to enforce rudimentary languages constructed by man, then you may have difficulty communicating?”

Tongue-Speak is the outbreak of a new religion—one which as reversed the curse yoked upon mankind at the Tower of Babel. Sipher concludes: “It will force everyone to evolve.”



I HAVE NO REASON TO DOUBT THE MULTITUDE of witnesses, whether Charismatic or New Age, who all seem to agree: Tongue-Speak bathes them abundantly with the feelings of ecstasy and Divine love. While fellow Light Language practitioner Lalama agrees with Kiki Cinza that Tongues is about channeling truth from another dimension or possibly another past life, or allowing a spirit guide to speak through her, she seems to digress into the very illogical emotional-based slump which enthusiastically drives every Tongue-Speaker when she advocates its universal message:

“You just keep doing what you’re doing, be a good person and everything will be ok.”

Trust yourself in what you’re doing. The subconscious mind is the catch-all for everything. It is the crown chakra absorbing and relaying messages either for you or for God or the benefit of those listening. Tongues are an ancient language—a universal language. There’s a collective understanding in this. Don’t think.

Just let go

A Charismatic may be easily spotted. They are likely to confess such things as “God showed me” rather than “Scripture says.” Christians entering these movements are generally concerned with having an experience, not digging at the truth of God’s Word. For this very reason—because of its emphasis on feelings rather than intellect—it may seem an impossible task to talk rationally to those intimately involved in a futile practice. If Charismatic congregations rarely publish statements of faith, its because few of those entering its ranks would bother reading them. We must shake the tree anyhow—forcefully if need be—in hopes that an apple or two may fall.

In The Aquarian Conspiracy, New Ager Merilyn Ferguson writes: “Paradoxically, if we give up the need for certainty in terms of control and fixed answers, we are compensated by a different kind of certainty—a direction, not a fact. We begin to trust intuition, whole-brain knowing…as we become attuned to the inner signals, they seem stronger.”