Why Must the Aliens Arrive?


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NOT A WEEK PASSES WITHOUT BEING ASKED this question (in various forms), “Do you think the aliens are coming—and more importantly, when are they coming?” So let me finally put down in print as public record what I’ve been answering repeatedly for the last several months or year.

“Why must they come at all?”

“Why must they come? Why must they come?” And for the next person who asks, “Why must they come at all?” The discerning spirit will at least agree with me in part; they’re already here. We are at war with the Prince of the power of the air. His Science deception is well-advertised. Mankind is already thoroughly deceived. And Hell is probably brimming over as I write these words. So why must they come?

It’s not that I haven’t committed myself to studying the alien-fallen angel connection with due diligence. I recall watching The X-Files in the 1990’s and explaining to my peers, “Aliens are really fallen angels and demons, you know.” So if I look up at the sky one day and observe the saucers descending, you needn’t bother with the spousal roll of sledgehammer eyes and an added: “I told you so.” Such a disclosure won’t surprise me at all.


But there is a far greater nightmare scenario at hand than Hollywood’s long-advertised doomsday movie. Suppose the stock market never crashes. An EMP attack fails to foil America’s grid. Martial law is only a passing thought. Nimrod is not resurrected. CERN rips through everything but the cosmic veil. Giants refuse to be woken. Hollywood is simply building our confidence with dead-end trails and seductive—though highly entertaining—bread crumbs. Our conspiracy theories, however accurate, are never proven. And consider this possibility, if you will (though I may be tarred and feathered at the hands of the Dispensationalists); that there is no “secret rapture” which will whisk the true sainthood away as a type of gunshot sprint at the starting line of the apocalypse. In other words, there will be no ah-ha moment by which we can set our stopwatch and anticipate the exact day of the Lord’s glorious return. Such scenarios—mainly, the collapse of Western Civilization (but let us not overlook one hotly debated particular; a pre-tribulation rapture), would be an incredibly great blessing for the unbelieving and lukewarm, who now have a second-chance at the promise of salvation.

Or perhaps the apocalypse will progress as we’ve imagined it to be.

What if we are to continue on with this drudgery of a technological Babylon, navigating our way through the unending advancements of transhumanism, with its many damnable promises, and the lies of augmented reality—always marching closer to the proverbial cliff but never quite reaching it? Must our fellow man fall into an even deeper slumber? This for me, as I gaze out among the lost, is the far greater nightmarish scenario. No warning. No second chances.

It means we must live each day unto the Lord, always anticipating His return.


In the meantime, if the Science deception is positively successful in its ability to ensnare, then there will undoubtedly be new discoveries made, more technological advances to patent, a thousand rabbit trails to follow. Its climax will always be promised three or ten or twenty years down the line. There will always be another switchback on the trail, a higher mountain to climb, clearer vistas for viewing, so to speak, before the “beast” of John’s Revelation is made “self-aware,” if that is to be the understanding of eschatology. It isn’t mine. Not anymore.

This Flat Earth revelation, the most unexpected of end-times signposts, made that certain. The beast government is here. It has been since John thought to warn us of it two-thousand years ago. And at any rate, mankind is quite deceived. What mile-markers will we truly receive, which might accurately distinguish the hour we live in, before the Master of the house shows up unannounced?

I’m not counting on an alien arrival.

On a slightly separate side note, I keep hearing about our up-and-coming technological advances. “We’re almost there,” we’ll tell each other—that is, referring to the finishing line of Christ’s return. “Just not yet. We have longer to go. More advancement. More Science. More technology. More conspiracy. More disclosure.”

There will always be a man standing at his pulpit proclaiming, “Christ could never have possibly come in past generations, despite our forefathers belief to the contrary, because they did not have the necessary technology for it!”

You know, “We’re almost there…..just not yet.”


The Mark of the Beast however, as I see it, is a mark is a mark is a mark is a mark on the hand and the forehead. It is a mark which would allow the Roman or the Byzantine citizen to buy and sell, and would most certainly suffice as a tattoo, just as a technological implant will commit the deed today. And this, I believe, not an alien invasion, may just be the only important signpost which the true Christian has to go by; mainly, that our Lord’s return is near.

So be vigilant. Be aware.

The Mark is coming, and we need not wait for some yet-invented technology for that to happen. We must be prepared for the possibility that such a promised event (and unlike Satan, the Lord keeps His promises) will unravel with very little fanfare from our most esteemed of spiritual leaders. They themselves may implant it upon their hand or forehead while waiting on the alien deception!

Perhaps the aliens are coming. After all, Satan has made his cake. Should he not also crave his icing? But then again, at the risk of making this an inquisitive game of ping-pong, perhaps their promise of arrival is the deception. We must once again face the possibility that even our wildest conspiracies should be left unfulfilled; that everything Satan promises will not materialize beyond his own empty and wholly-damning words; that the aliens will be expected to arrive at any moment, that “satellites in space” are receiving their messages when the Master of the house interrupts those plans.

I give you the case of ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones, you see, took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, yet finally at midnight—after they had each in turn fallen asleep—the cry rang out: “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” The foolish, as Jesus warns us, have not the time to fill their lamps with oil, for it is the middle of the night and the Bridegroom has arrived. The wise virgins enter the banquet while the unwise scurry about in hopes of acquiring oil, but before they can arrive, the bridegroom has closed the door. Such will be the kingdom of heaven at the time of Christ’s return.

I have long asked the Lord to reveal to me the timing of His return. These things I have acquired of Him: mainly, is it a pre-tribe or a mid-trib or a pre-wrath rapture? The Lord has not let me in on any of our hotly debated theological statements. He did however finally answer my inquiry. I was on my hands and face praying, rehearsing each of these doctrines (this only weeks after my Flat Earth revelation), when the Lord spoke:

“I am coming soon. It’s time to get to work.”

So I ask one final time: why must the aliens arrive in order for the Lord to return? It is a non-essential. Mankind is thoroughly deceived. The spell is cast. Now I beg of you, let’s set about waking them from it.