IF you’re curious to know how I’ve been spending my day, this is it. Spring cleaning. I did some serious editing on my Yerushalayim and the Millennial Kingdom paper. So much so that it is no longer titled: “A Tale of Two Jerusalem’s.” Its former name was adorable and a reference to Charles Dickens but only so funny as a passing Jungle Cruise joke. Seems to me that asking where Jerusalem is delves straight into the heart of the matter, because we’d all really like to know. If you tell me it’s in Israel then you’re probably not understanding the context at all. The question I am constantly asked is where is New Jerusalem if what I propose is true, that the Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha HaMashiach already transpired. What you are about to read or not read is my answer. In this latest edition I added some new information regarding our true magnetic north and how the location of New Yerushalayim plays out on the moon map. 

PDF [UPDATE]: Where Is Yerushalayim? Our True North

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