HOW many magazine covers was this girl on, exactly? In 2019 you couldn’t escape the checkout stand without passing her mug on the rack. I’m counting nine already, though there are others. One for every month is my best guess. Since when did nearly every outlet for the Military–industrial complex find interest in slapping the self-righteous and angry glare of a baby-faced teenager from Sweden onto their cover? Greta Thunberg may be sugar and spice and everything nice, depending upon how you serve your memes, but she is also a Media creation. An intentional and deliberate fabrication. She is a show business actor deriving from actor parents and you would have to be blind to not see what’s going on.

Just so you know, I had started this paper some three years ago, but then something happened and it slipped underneath the to-do stack. It’s a little embarassing that I’m just now getting around to completing it but that’s the way with the reality of the merry-go round. The world keeps on spinning and spinning and sometimes I’m ahead of the curve though often I’m just trying to keep up. You can at least look on the bright side, we’re keeping it nostalgic here at The Unexpected Cosmology. I’m writing like it’s still 2020. Where has the time gone? Though you know the Thunberg story is far from over anyways. I figure they’ve got plenty of psyop left in her, and so, here are my Greta notes from back in the day, finally fleshed out into a TUC paper. I’m handing it off to you in the PDF below.

PDF: We Are Watching a Greta Thunberg Movie

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