Water Consciousness: Is Water a Sentient Being? Yes.

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JUST last week I expanded the Star Forts and Star Cities discussion with my Fountains of Living Water paper. In that one I showed a Biblical example of our Controllers scrubbing His-story, and of course, their destruction is repetitive. You should know then that I’m already back at it again. I’ve already spoken on the life work of water consciousness researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto. For a change of pace, Veda Austin is a water researcher from New Zealand, specializing in crystallography. The results from her experiments are astonishing, proving time and again that water is a conscious, sentient being.

If you would like to read this article, the PDF file is offered below. I’ve also updated it to my Star Cities paper.

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PDF [11/29/23 NEW]: Water Consciousness

PDF [11/29/23 UPDATE]: Star Cities

PDF [11/22/23 NEW]: Fountains of Living Waters

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