IN ALL MY YEARS OF TELLING OTHERS ABOUT JESUS and the good news of His atoning sacrifice for our sins, I’ve received this response probably as much as or more than any other. The Bible, it’s skeptics claim, is simply a tool for manipulation and control. It is a method in which everyone from egotistical theologians to power hungry diplomats and kings employs upon the unsuspecting weak-minded in order to heard them collectively into a mush-pot agenda of troublesome policies, both domestic and foreign, and to fill their pockets. And to be truly liberated, these skeptics conclude, is to altogether dismiss the Bible.

The thing about this argument is, it’s true.

Well, sort of, but only coming from a warped perspective. Because while history itself is replete with many wolves in all levels of authority who’ve abused God’s Word for their own personal gain, as Jesus so clearly warned us, the only people being misled by what’s contained in its pages are those who’ve never really taken the time to read the Bible for themselves.

This is yet another great video by THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.