GREETINGS FROM CALIFORNIA’S CENTRAL COAST! My gratitude goes out to Jason Cripps and Brenda Hoffman Szab for inviting me onto their radio show, “True Story Live.” It went down Sunday night, and I was actually chased out of the fifth-wheel by my boys. But that’s okay. I was content being interviewed from behind the wheel of my truck. It really was a good show. I had several good rants. Hopefully its all for God’s glory.

Jason and Brenda have asked me to come back on January 21. I am more than happy to oblige. Actually, this time I’ll be joined by Flat Earth author and brother in Christ Nathan Roberts. Nathan and I released our first Flat Earth books around the same time. His is called “The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth.” It’s an excellent reference guide, helping its reader along through a long list of Scripture verses regarding Biblical cosmology. We had planned to meet at the Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh last November, but sadly, he wasn’t able to attend.

Next weeks broadcast will actually be a question and answers show. So be sure and call in to give me a hard time. You know, ask the difficult questions. I’ll be in the hot seat for an entire two hours. I hope to hear from you!

I’ve added a link below to the broadcast. Enjoy!

Listen to TRUE STORY LIVE, Sunday from 9-11 pm EST/6 pm PST. Tonight listen to special guest Noel Hadley, writer of the book, ‘AVOID SCIENCE FALSELY SO-CALLED: Flat Earth, the Reformation, and the Science Delusion.’ We are excited to have him on the show where he will talk about his faith, His belief in geocentric cosmology, and how he trusted the Lord and took his family on the road full time traveling America. For now he is in Charleston, S.C. and is seeking the Lord and thinking about planting a church somewhere. Can you imagine someone that preaches sound doctrine and also geocentric cosmology? Join me, Brenda Z and JCripps on another episode of TRUE STORY LIVE. If you want to call in, please call 319-527-6092 and press #1 to be let on.

Source: TRUE STORY LIVE: SPECIAL GUEST NOEL HADLEY 01/14 by Infinite Source Broadcast Network | Entertainment Podcasts