Back To the Bible: Time Travel In Scripture

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TIME travel isn’t a foreign concept in these part, as I will direct you to my Wizard of Trump paper. Oddly enough, it didn’t start out that way. The first draft was bare bones commentary on the Mandela Effect as it pertained to the terrorist van in Back To the Future, which just so happened to be a time travel movie, as plots are concerned. I published that one long, long ago in the spring months of 2017, if you must know. Three years later, in the spring of 2020, smack dab in the trenches of the planned-demic, I reworked the paper to involve Donald Trump as a Grand Wizard of the… uh-hum, ceremony, I guess you could call it. But, also, because an obvious Biff Tanen connection needed made. Fast forward another three years to the spring of 2023, that’s when I finally gave in and theorized that the Back To the Future movies were in fact real time travel movies. What I mean is that the Twin Tower demolition event happened on 9/11, just as we remember it, and then the Back To the Future movies were made nearly two decades earlier, in the Eighties. Yes, that is what I’m suggesting. Nearly thirty years of predictive programming may in the very least point to that possibility.

CERN’s Part In This is another component which mustn’t be forgotten in this discussion. Here is a worthy question: Is it remotely possible that CERN was capable of sending information back to a specific moment in our past, so as to fast-forward their own technological advancements? I am suggesting the 1970’s, though even the late nineteenth century is a possibility. The alternative Trump as President plotline in Back To the Future 2, which I saw in theaters as an eight-year-old, implies that my childhood memories exist within the established time loop.  

Understanding why our Controllers would be interested in something like that is the easy-peasy pie slice of this investigation. For manipulation of the masses, duh. But then, to take it one step further, Satan was cast out of heaven, indicating that he was thrust into time. He is now bound by the very time he is imprisoned in. That couldn’t be made any more clear than with his thousand years in the abyss, as per Revelation 20. A segment of time is given, by which he is shackled to it. Time is not on his side. And so, seeing as how we are currently inhabiting the short season, I’m thinking it’s a total possibility that our spiritual Controllers would be attempting to manipulate the material realm into time loops so as to extend their limited run.

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NEW 1/23/2024: Back To the Bible: Time Travel In Scripture

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