APOLOGIES if you haven’t any clue what the firmament is. I certainly don’t want to assume everyone reading my work is intimately aware of it. But know this: I won’t be laying the groundwork here. Contrarily, a pre-knowledge of the firmament, or raqia in Hebrew, is the foundation by which construction of cosmology will continue. In brief though, making mention of the firmament is just another way of saying our world is flat and motionless and that we live in an enclosed realm. NASA tells us there’s this place called space and that it passes on into infinity, whereas Scripture repeatedly reminds the reader how heaven physically rests upon the firmament, which is in and of itself solid and impassible. Not even the angels can get past the guard without the updated access code.

The rest of you have probably done your research on the vaulted dome above our heads—which is why it doesn’t need repeating here. But what if I told you that’s only the first of several of them? Mm-hmm. There’s more. Many more. With entire worlds in-between. Does that excite you? I took laps up and down the beach this morning just thinking about it. I guess you could say I’m getting in shape, anticipating my eventual journey into the final frontier. Now that I’m out of breath, I feel it best to take up the pen and guide you through the thought process.

And no, I cannot prove to you that there are several more worlds above our own. My own observations reveal to me that the firmament directly above us is a legitimate reality. But beyond that, I make no claims at being a prophet nor ascending through the heavens to speak with Yahuah and having the angels reveal to me its mysteries. Luckily for us, there are others who have. Before we go on a tour of the heavens though, let’s look at some passages whereas the writer of Scripture looked skyward from the earth and simply knew.

You can read the pdf here. The Seven Firmaments of Heaven

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