The Rod of YAHAUAHA and Second Passover

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Second Passover is a hot topic of conversation on the Internet and just about everyone and their mom wants to know when it will occur. People ask me all the time in a depressing manner if I think it’s already happened, as if that’s a bad thing. I’m sorry to be the bearer of News for all of you watching the Zionist narrative and keeping your fingers crossed, but oh, it’s happened. Meanwhile, another percentage of you have never heard of Second Passover before, not until like ten seconds ago, and are angrier than an ape to have learned it already went down and you missed out on a good time. And of course, there are a skeptical handful of you wondering if Second Passover is even a thing or if it’s something I just made up a moment ago. It’s totally real. I will show you where I am pulling my information from, as well as what the Rod of YAHAUAHA is.

This is a continuation of my ‘537: The End of Camelot’ paper. I’ve included an entire new section called ‘Architects of Camelot’ but in actuallity there are nuggets of information all throughout the paper which have been added to. You can read the full report in the PDF below. Also, thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel, The Unexpected Cosmology.

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UPDATE 1/8/2024: 537AD: The End of Camelot

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