CRISIS diverted. And to think I was about to give a presentation on the Millennial Kingdom pilgrim. How silly I would have been, to overlook the scallop shell. Oops, I just gave it away. What I had intended to do was ask that you look at the Medieval artwork and tell me what they all have in common. Most of you would have said they were pilgrims, duh. Had you done so, it would have been a rookie mistake, kind of like the presentation I was preparing to give. Yes, they are all pilgrims. We already know that. But then, how many of you noticed they’re all sporting scallop shells, every last one of them? The scallop shell may very well be the official bumper sticker of the Millennial Kingdom. A raise of hands, how many of you have noticed the WALL DRUG bumper stickers on the back of RV’s, beatup trucks, and Volkswagens? Believe me, you’ve seen them. You may have not noticed or known the context, but you will now. WALL DRUG is a place where you fill up on coffee in South Dakota.

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UPDATE 3/22/2024: The Pilgrim’s Path: Scallop Shells of Resurrection

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