The Pilgrim’s Path: Travels Through the Millennial Kingdom

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THE many crisscrossing lane lines of Pilgrimage leading throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East constituted the vital living arteries of the Medieval spiritual experience. I would say that again, but I’d rather just ask that you repeat the first sentence. Read it a second time. A third if need be. I happen to have pulled the line from a deep well of water. Allow it to wash over you. Supposing the cogwheels begin turning in your head, then my opening statement may be all you’ll ever need. Just last week I was reading another random book on Medieval history which happened to hold the same drab opinion as the rest of them and had an epiphany. Before I explain my light bulb moment, allow me to show you the actual text I was reading through when it happened.

Pilgrimage was an important religious practice in the Middle Ages. Life was unbearably horrific for most. Women commonly died in their early twenties, men by thirty. Imagine a world with little cleanliness and many cruelties, from torturing kittens to disregarding children’s basic needs, which scholars attribute to the fact that parents were detached from their feelings because most children died at an early age. People were truly desperate for an ideal haven-heaven.

In the Christian tradition, pilgrimage was on way to escape physically from the unending injustices and tragedies of daily life. For example, woman, who were barred from most occupations and were not taught to read and write, were nevertheless allowed to journey on pilgrimage. Pilgrimage was the only way to extricate oneself from the numbing dreadfulness of life.

Now, usually, I source for you the author as well as the chapter and verse though I have no desire to do so this time around. The author happens to be an enlightened individual. Therefore, it is not my desire to throw her under the bus. You’ll just have to take my word for it, that I have correctly stated an opinion which, really, when you stop and think about it, lines up with the mainstream narrative anyways. It is unfortunate that she has bought into official history, though I certainly don’t fault her for it, because nearly everything stated is an inverted by-product of our Jesuit and Masonic Controllers. They were torturing kittens—what the She’ol? I stress ‘nearly’ because the pilgrim aspect of the Middle Ages was in probability a force to be reckoned with. Life was defined by Pilgrimage. Makes sense. I can buy that. But then everything else surrounding her statement is saturated to the bone with the typical Orwellian typewriter, which we have all become accustomed to, propaganda aimed at covering their tracks with a breadcrumb trail leading to false pretenses.  

Meanwhile, my last two papers, Knight Moves and Mystery of the Maypole, both focus upon the lost dance of the Millennial Kingdom. It was referred to as the ‘carole’ and, though celebrated across Europe, not one lyric or sequence of notes has survived. Super suspect. Sorry to give away the ending, but I even ended the Maypole Mysteries by stating its esoteric qualities pointed towards a pilgrimage to New Yerushalayim. My ‘Ah-ha!’ moment came only after reminding myself that the defining feature of the Middle Ages was the Pilgrimage, but then, following that thought through, so was the Pilgrims relationship with the Millennial Kingdom. OMG, why has it taken me so long to put the two and two together? The Pilgrimage is quite literally how Scripture frames the Thousand Year Reign. 

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NEW 3/19/2024: The Pilgrim’s Path: Travels Through the Millennial Kingdom

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