THE INTENT was to write a paper on New World Order occupied territory California governor Gavin Newsom’s family relations through marriage to Nancy “It’s not murder if the baby doesn’t leave the hospital” Pelosi. But then one thing led to another, as these things often go. For that we can probably thank the A.I. machine. Skynet tipped me off to the fact that the city of Los Angeles has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Grace Community Church and its pastor, John MacArthur, for continuing indoor worship services.

I took the bait.

You will probably recall that Newsom, the fascist governor who has only recently made a name for himself during the COVID-1984 psychodrama, banished church meet-ups indefinitely. This includes all in-home bible studies in some thirty counties. Also, singing. Mm-hmm, even singing nuns have been outlawed, at the threat of being hunted down by the Sheriff of Nottingham, which leads to the present bread crumbs laid out before me.

Pastor J-Mac is resisting Newsom’s orders.

What this essentially means is, MacArthur’s going to open the doors of Grace Community Church on any given Sunday morning that he so chooses. And if he’s feeling especially frisky, he might even sing. Uh-oh. Examples must be made of defectors. Already, you can probably imagine a scene from the Kevin Costner movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, whereas Newsom, played here by the late Alan Rickman, is in the basement of his governor’s mansion, meeting with Pelosi Mortianna, and flamboyantly howling, “Nobody loves me!” In retaliation, California has threatened to impose a $1000 daily fine until MacArthur complies. They’ve threatened to shut down his electricity. And they might even arrest him. Interesting.


John MacArthur's Grace Community Church announces it will not obey ...


Hopefully you will not be disappointed to learn that we are no longer on the subject of governor Gavin Newsom, but the pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. A couple of months ago I had pointedly expressed my frustration how pastors everywhere are complying with the CDC rather than Yahuah. COVID-1984. Perhaps it is only because of this that Skynet, always hoping to fact check my papers, is letting me in on the latest drama being offered onto the worldwide stage. Need I remind you that it is the media’s job to make news. Come Sunday morning (not the Sabbath), there might be dozens or hundreds of churches with open doors for all I know, but the media isn’t interested in reporting on them. Langley only invests in its own operations.

If I have chosen to take Skynet’s advice and watch John MacArthur closely, it’s because the world is a stage and I highly suspect J-Mac is yet another actor in the script. They need MacArthur to aid in the news-making process. Take a baseball to the hornets nest and frustrate the hell out of Evangelical Christianity. California may be New World Order occupied territory, but they need a ying to Newsom’s yang. Keep the people’s eyes wide shut by offering them the illusion of choice. How do I know that MacArthur has fallen very close to the tree?

Let’s take a look at his associations.


Ex-Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden tweets maskless selfie aboard flight | Daily Mail Online


But first, here’s a recent bit of news worth noting. Delta Airlines kicked former Navy Seal Robert O’Neill off a recent flight for refusing to wear a mask and taking a selfie while committing the deed. There’s a point to all of this. I know several individuals who managed to fly from one airport to another and never wore a mask. O’Neill however promotes himself as the man who killed Osama bin Laden. Mm-hmm. Psyop. Langley only invests in their own. Keep that in mind as we move forward.

It’s all a script. Entertainment for the barracoon.

The CIA rolled out the COVID-1984 psychodrama and told everyone to go home. Most complied. They then told corona to quietly disappear just long enough to bus BLM and Antifa into various cities as part of their George Floyd psychodrama. (I cover that here. George Floyd. Statues. BLM. CHAZ. The Wizard of Trump.) They then rolled COVID-1984 back out again and told everyone to wear their reeducation face diapers and go home. See how that works? Marching orders. Compliance is key. They’re whipping us into tip-top shape for Agenda 2030, which bring us up to a present in which John MacArthur has my interest.

In a recent paper regarding the Donner Party hoax, which you can read about here, Donner Party hoax, I dropped John MacArthur’s name. Sure, J-Mac is a MacArthur but he’s also a Bush. Need I remind you that the Bush family is perhaps the most powerful dynasty in American history. This ultimately links J-Mac to Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, Plymouth Colony governor Thomas Hinckley, as well as John Rolfe and Pocahontas. Wild Bill Hickock and Louisa May Alcott are all related to the Bush clan. And Douglas MacArthur, naturally. Mary Parker is too. You may recognize Mary Parker as the woman tried and hung during the Salem Witch hoax. The Bush family has a long history of spooks.

Sure, being a Bush doesn’t necessarily make one a spook—I suppose. There’s undoubtedly plenty run-of-the-mill Bush’s to be found in the phone book. But that is not even the beginning of John MacArthur’s family relations. I decided to follow the online paper trail. Stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. Chew on some bread crumbs that lead from Newsom and COVID-1984 to J-Mac and king Arthur. And so, here it goes, once again.

The following is my report.


Review: King Arthur: The Making of the Legend by Nicholas J Higham ...


The very first thing I wanted to find out is what the surname MacArthur actually means. Hold onto something. You may want to. In fact, I suggest you do. I chose to live life on the edge and held onto nothing.

MacArthur literally translates, “Son of Arthur.”

I checked. The MacArthur’s officially entered the world stage while fighting alongside Robert the Bruce for Scotland’s independence. Sons of Arthur to the rescue. Once again, we enter Templar territory and the Grail legend. My mind immediately wandered toward a paper I wrote on the esoteric meaning behind the Shroud of Turin. Hint, it involves sun worship. Also, the holy grail is Arthur. You can read about that here. Templar Hoax. The Templars were probably behind the Temple Mount hoax as well. Swapping Identities. At any rate, the Sons of Arthur were paid kindly for their involvement in Scotland’s war, gaining mid-Argyll lands from the King’s oppressors and the MacDougall’s of Lorne. From here they prospered and spread, quickly multiplying into two successful houses: the MacArthur’s of Loch Awe and the MacArthur Campbell’s of Strachur. Campbell. Campbell. Where have I heard that name before? Sure, there’s spook Andy Warhol’s role in merging art with the Corporate World Order, Andy Warhol, but Paul McCartney is strangely also a Campbell. The Walrus Was Paul. The founder of Campbell soup was obviously a Campbell. There’s also Joseph Campbell, who is best known for his work in the field of comparative mythology.

Already, there’s far too many rabbit trails. We shall revisit the purpose of sun worship, specifically as it pertains to the Arthurian Mysteries, in my next paper.

The point is, John MacArthur is a Son of Arthur. If you are the sort of person who prefers the big phantom head arising from the flaming hologram projector, then esoteric symbology and family lineages will doubtless be meaningless to you. Unfortunately you have stumbled upon a website written by someone who is suspicious of all drapery. You will not find a single curtain hung in my household. They all must come down.

Moving on.


Beth Moore: God Uses Your Mistakes for Good | Christianity Today


Beth Moore. Mm-hmm, you heard me. Beth Moore. Just look at her. She’s adorable.

If Beth Moore can’t sell Sha’ul’s gospel, or puppies and cars for that matter, then I don’t know who can. Also, no conversation into the life of John MacArthur would be complete without an honorable mention of American evangelist and actor Beth Moore. Google John MacArthur and Beth Moore into the same search engine and you’ll immediately receive a heated exchange of fire between everyone from Max Lucado to the Southern Baptist Convention and Christianity Today. Spooks love to involve other spooks in the drama, keep the slaves well-entertained in the barracoon, and they use the CIA-owned media to do it. It’s much like the game of Mafia. Throw the sleepy villagers off your scent while you slowly murder them off.

I should probably pause here and remind my reader that I’m not interested in exposing John MacArthur for the same reason I’m not interested in exposing Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Rhianna, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, or Martha Stewart. They’re all lawless. You should probably ask yourself, who are the shepherds that have been keeping you away from the Law of Yahuah?

Let’s name just a few.

John Piper. R.C. Sproul. Rick Warren. T.D. Jakes. Billy and Franklin Graham and Anne Graham Lotz. Joel Osteen. Kenneth Copeland. Pat Robertson. Paula White. Everybody mentioned here and so many more. If any one of these teachers advocates Torah obedience, then they have my apologies. (EDIT: Joel Osteen preaches abstinence from pork and shell fish. Well done, sir. Now let’s start keeping the other 613 and the fourth commandment.) Last I checked, MacArthur doesn’t. That makes him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They’ve failed the Deuteronomy 13 and 18 tests—every last one of them. They’re leading every member of their congregation down the wide path of destruction.



Again ask yourself, who are the shepherds reading the very last page of the Tanakh from the pulpit, which warns: “Remember the Law of Moses My servant, even the statutes and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel,” Mal’aki (Malachi) 4:4, and then, quickly turning to Matthew, proclaim: “Woo-hoo! Thank you Ye-zus for the New Testament! We don’t have to remember the Law anymore!”?

It’s those guys. And gals.

They’re the leaders of megachurches. Likely everyone mentioned is a multi-millionaire. Do I need to show you drone footage of their mansions? They clearly have an agenda. And they’re using Sha’ul to do it.  You will not and cannot become the shepherd of a large flock by exposing Sha’ul. It’s because secret societies like to invest in their own. Sha’ul of Tarsus is their man. Sha’ul’s entire purpose was to undo the works of Messiah. To throw us off the scent and the path of salvation. Sha’ul is a spook. He was “all things to all people.” You want to know who else was “all things to all people?” Herod. The Roman client king of Judea was a Jew and an Arabian to the Jews and Arabians, and a Greek and a Roman to the Greek and the Romans. Let that sink in. How can you obey the Law and be all things to all people? The answer is, you can’t.

Look, if you’re able to use Sha’ul to fully support obedience to the 613, then good for you. Let’s all pause right here and give you a round of applause. Bravo. You’re one of the few intelligent enough to hold a political discourse with Greek philosophers. But I agree with the Christians of Antioch on this one. They actually do get him. They’re not too stupid to understand Greek philosophy and Hellenistic thinking when they see it. Rather, it takes the acrobatics of a Wikipedia article, complete with fiery hoops and barking seals, to make Sha’ul believable as someone who can walk into the assembly in Deuteronomy 13 and 18 and not be stoned for his apostasy.

Who have been the people dangling Sha’ul in your face all this time and then telling you not to obey the Law of Yahuah, because agent Sha’ul says not to? Who are the people who’ve been telling you that butt sex is a sin and then handing you a ham sandwich for lunch? I don’t need to expose him. He’s already exposed himself. None of these shepherds have led anyone out of Babylon yet. They’re the loud speakers employed to announce marching orders until the Kool-Aid is dulled out. You cannot be a man of Elohim and tell His congregation to break the Law. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Rather, my intent is to show the lineage of people he’s associated with.

Let’s continue on.


Astronaut Jeff Williams inside space station's Kibo Laboratory with floating SPHERES satellites


Ah, space. Because no conversation into the life of John MacArthur would be complete without the NASA space hoax. And John MacArthur is selling it in actor astronaut Jeff Williams. Christians love Jeff Williams. And The Wikipedia tells us why. “Williams is a committed Christian.” See, here you go. In the 1960’s, flat earthist Samuel Shenton already called guys like Williams out when he described NASA’s propaganda as a “Genesis cloak of deception.”

I’ve already lost count of how many Torah guys who love NASA and hate any mention of the flat earth tell me I’m slandering a man of god. Never mind the fact that NASA is the most blatant occult organization in the United States Corporate Government. Never mind the sheer number of Freemasons who were astronauts. Never mind the number of Eagle Scouts who walked on the moon. Mm-hmm, Boy Scouts is Freemasonry too. Boy Scouts. Never mind the fact that NASA is swindling 22-billion dollars per year to wear winning Super Bowl jerseys on the green screen in the ISS. Torah guys who love the retelling of the Mysteries of Isis in the space mythos suddenly don’t care that astronaut Jeff Williams doesn’t even attempt to keep Torah, let alone the fourth commandment. All of this matters with Pope Francis or Oprah Winfrey, but not Williams. Christian space spooks receive a free pass. When Torah speaks about “two or three witnesses,” it’s not calling us to adhere to occult organizations or people with no love for Torah obedience. Because people, even scientists, are liars.

Space is fake.

FYI, Jeff Williams can be seen at the 8:08 minute stamp. Busted.



File:Bill Clinton and Richard Riordan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


We’re mainly dealing with John MacArthur’s associations. Former L.A. Mayor Richard J. Riordan is one of them. In 1996, the City Council of Los Angeles signed a resolution congratulating MacArthur on his ministry, “which has advanced the causes of Jesus Christ worldwide. …and [the Council] wishes him continued fruitfulness in all of his future endeavors for the glory of God.

Riordan was a Knight of Malta.

The Wikipedia describes the Knights of Malta as follows: “The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, officially the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, commonly known as the Order of Malta or Knights of Malta, is a Catholic lay religious order, traditionally of military, chivalric and noble nature.” That’s a mouthful. Officially, the group was founded in 1048 by Amalfian merchants in Jerusalem as “a monastic order that ran a hospital to tend to Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land,” but the truth of the matter is the Knights are leaders of global politics, finance, religion, and intelligence, and they hold a unique status under international law.


Southern Baptist leaders plan to remedy 'insufficient' approach to abuse claims


Another close association is the Southern Baptist Convention. We are slowly building a case here, and it involves secret societies. The Southern Baptist Convention unashamedly endorses Freemasonry. For example:

“U.S. membership [in the Masons] is claimed at about three million, with about five million worldwide… The official magazine of Masonry in the U.S. is titled New Age.  Some church denominations are also led by avowed Masons. For example, a 1991 survey by the Southern Baptist Convention Sunday School Board found that 14% of SBC pastors and 18% of SBC deacon board chairs are Masons. It is also estimated that SBC members comprise 37% of total U.S. lodge membership. (A 2000 updated SBC report found that over 1,000 SBC pastors are Masons.)”

Thirty-seven percent of three million would add up to something like 1,110,000 Masons who held membership in the SBC as of 1991. Just look at all those Freemasons. Holding up their golden tickets. Voting on policy. Getting stuff done.


General MacArthur's military upbringing shaped him into a soldier


I thought it might be a good idea to check in with J-Mac’s fifth cousin. It’s not like he hasn’t brought up their proud relations from time to time. In case you’re not yet in the know, General Douglas MacArthur was a Freemason. That and so much more. Actually, relating the “Arthur” in MacArthur to Douglas MacArthur is astonishing, as the above picture relates of the once and future king. We are told that MacArthur could have claimed the world as his own, had he wanted to, but then gave it back to the conquered as some sort of free gift from democracy. How adorable. What we’re not told is that Freemasonry was opposed in Japan before the War, and completely banned throughout. Call it coincidence, Hitler banned Freemasonry too. But that’s probably none of my business.

During the War, the rank of five star general was created to level the number of officer grades among the Allied powers. Only five army and four navy officers received such stars. Douglas MacArthur was among them. The eight other notables were George C. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Henry H. Arnold, Omar Bradley, William D. Leahy, Ernest J. King, Chester Nimitz, and William F. Halsey. I checked. They’re all Freemasons. For good measure, and mostly out of curiosity, I did a background check on my old beer-drinking buddy, General George Patton. I wasn’t let down. Freemason. Also, then-Major General John J. Pershing promoted Patton to the rank of Captain during the First World War. Freemason. If I didn’t know any better, I’d start to think I’m detecting a trend here.

On January 17, 1936, while serving as field marshal in the capacity of military advisor to the commonwealth government of the Philippines, Douglas MacArthur became a Master Mason of the Scottish Rite at the Grand Lodge of the Philippines by its worshipful Grand Master of Masons, Samuel Hawthorne. Apparently, over six hundred Master Masons attended his ceremony in breathless silence. After being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, Douglas MacArthur affiliated with Manila Lodge No.1, and on March 13th joined the Scottish Rite. By October of 1937, he was elected Knight Commander Court of Honor. You’d think a guy like this was expected to go places. This is the same Philippines, mind you, which MacArthur was forced to evacuate in 1942 at the hands of the Freemason opposing Japanese.

Remember that famous speech: “I shall return?”

He returned.

If D-Mac doesn’t scream the prototype once and future Arthur, then I don’t know what to tell you.

After the War, General MacArthur not only helped to ensure Freemasonry would have a safe and successful place in Japan, on December 8, 1947, he was conferred the Thirty-third Degree at the American Embassy in Tokyo. Freemasonry lives on in Japan.


Arthur MacArthur Jr.jpg


Douglas MacArthur’s father was a certain Captain Arthur MacArthur (1845-1912). This would make him J-Mac’s fourth cousin once removed—I think. That’s two “Arthur’s” in the same name. Arthur, son of Arthur. I checked. He was a Freemason. And not just any Freemason. Douglas may have been an overachiever, but Arthur-Arthur held several higher positions, including the offices of Grand Master of the Knights Templar of the USA and Representative of the Great Priory of Scotland.


Thomas Fraser Fullerton, PGM | Free Masonry PEI

Reverend Thomas Fraser Fullerton (1861-1921)


“But they’re fifth cousins,” you tell me, feeling somewhat satisfied at your dismissal. “We knew it! Noel’s probably paranoid of the phone book too!”

Then you should probably know that I decided to take a closer look at J-Mac’s father and grandfather. You see, Pastor John Fullerton MacArthur Jr., or J-Mac for short, was named after his father, Pastor John “Jack” MacArthur, Sr. (1914-2005), but also his mother, Olivia Fullerton MacArthur. The “Fullerton” derives from the surname of John’s grandfather through his mother, Reverend Thomas Fraser Fullerton.

Let’s get Fullerton out of the way first.

I checked. He’s a Freemason.

Thomas Fraser Fullerton was Provincial Grand Master and Grand Secretary, and Worshipful Brother and Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. That’s a mouthful. We should not negate the fact that Fullerton held all of these titles while serving as a minister of St James Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He then received the Degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Presbyterian College at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1913.

I want you to pay attention to Thomas Fullerton’s middle name, “Fraser.” Fraser…. Fraser…. Where have I heard that name before? Oh yes, James Frazier Reed, the Freemason agent provocateur behind the Donner Party hoax in 1846. He was a Fraser too. You see, the clan Frazier began in Scotland when Simon Fraser arrived from French Normandy in about 1160. Some five generations later, another Simon Fraser volleyed back and forth fighting for Robert the Bruce and then for Edward I of England, fighting against William Wallace and then fighting alongside William Wallace again. Agent. Double-agent. Triple-agent? You tell me. In this manner, his land was snatched and then returned to him, rinse and repeat, until it was finally destroyed and he was executed shortly after Wallace in 1306. Both heads ended up on a pole on the Tower Bridge. Simon’s cousin was Alexander Fraser of Cowie, Bruce’s personal chamberlain. Alexander Fraser married Bruce’s sister Mary. His younger brother was another Sir Simon Fraser, from whom the chiefs of the Clan Fraser of Lovat are descended. So, the Fraser’s became a Bruce. The Bruce played a crucial role in the Knights Templar Friday the 13th hoax, which you can read about here. The Last Templar. And I highly suggest you do. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Wasn’t Douglas MacArthur’s father, Arthur “Son of” Arthur, a certain Grand Master of the Knights Templar? Oh snap.

I wasn’t able to find much on Thomas Fraser Fullerton’s parents, Reverend John Fullerton (1833-1905) and Jessie Ritchie (1833-1913). Like, not much of anything. These would be J-Mac’s great grandparents. We do however see a familiar theme among almost all of them, and that is this. John MacArthur derives from several generations of pastors, reverends, men of the cloth, and ministers, but also, the name MacArthur carries weight to it. They’re all sons of Arthur.




Next on our list is J-Mac’s father, Reverend Jack MacArthur, pictured above. Is J-Mac Jr. not a spitting image of J-Mac Senior? I think so. The Wikipedia has little to offer, but they do leave some wink-wink clues. After establishing a Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, California, Wiki writes: “While still pastoring in Southern California, he and Dr. Edwin Orr founded an outreach ministry to people in the film and television industry in the early 1940s. In 1942, the fruit of this endeavor was the “Voice of Calvary” radio program (which he hosted until his passing). Between 1956 and 1983, the program was also adapted for television.” So, let me see if I understand this. J-Mac Sr. creates an “outreach ministry” to people in the film industry and as a return favor they secure him a three-decade run on television? Seems legit.

The Wikipedia also gives us a name: Dr. Edwin Orr. We are told that Orr co-founded “Voice of Calvary.” Already, this tells me Orr is the sort of friend to have around. Wink-wink. I looked him up. Orr received his PhD at Oxford with a thesis on the second evangelical awakening in Britain. Church revival was his game. Orr then traveled globally to prepare the path towards ecumenism on college campuses. His “great end-time harvest” conditioning included Campus Crusade for Christ and someone by the name of Billy Graham, but he’s probably unimportant. His rather sparse Wiki page has a quote from Billy Graham stating: “Dr. J. Edwin Orr, in my opinion, is one of the greatest authorities on the history of religious revivals in the Protestant world.” Wink-wink. I also found this nugget. Starting “in 1966 or 1967, Orr became a Professor at the School of World Missions, in Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California.”

Already, we’re getting somewhere. See, J-Mac Sr. became director of the Charles E. Fuller Evangelist Foundation, which Dr. Edwin Orr once again co-founded. You can think of Fuller Seminary as a ecumenical think tank, and Ecumenism, as my reader is hopefully fully aware, is a pet project of the Roman Catholic Church. Rome is uniting every fractured denomination in the same manner as a mother calls her children home for Christmas dinner. This can mean only one thing. The Protestant Reformation never left Rome to begin with. Hence, the illusion of choice.

Billy Graham was on the Board of Trustees at Fuller Seminary, but that’s probably none of my business.

Also, Rick Warren received his Doctorate in Ministry from Fuller Seminary.

Another interesting name which comes out of Fuller Seminary is Ralph Winter, founder of The US Center for World Mission, which acts as an umbrella organization for nearly every major missions organization in the world.


Roy Rogers - Grit


Hollywood cowboy Roy Rogers, aka Leonard Slye, was reportedly converted and baptized by J-Mack Senior. Actually, on closer inspection, the two were close personal friends. Pastor John MacArthur even stated as much in The Voice of Calvary Legacy. MacArthur said, and I quote,  “…[Jack MacArthur] counted Roy Rogers and Cale Evans, who came to Christ under his preaching, as close personal friends.”

I checked. Leonard Slye was a 33-degree Mason. Busted.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Now we’re finally beginning to understand how something like Voice of Calvary even came about and what sort of purposes it served. You don’t get a slice of the pie without first settling your allegiances—even if in secret. By the way, Rogers’ wife, Dale Evans, was a member of the Eastern Star.

According to an article in the Baptist Press, written on May 13, 1951, “Roy was won to Christ three years ago and baptized by the popular pastor-evangelist, Jack MacArthur.”  This would indicate that Roy Rogers became a Christian and was baptized in 1948, at which time he was already a Master Mason. Rogers went on to become a 32-degree Mason in 1950, Knight Commander of the Court of Honor in 1975, 33-degree Mason in 1979, Holy Royal Arch, Royal & Select Master and Knight Templar in 1983.

Roy Rogers died in 1998. J-Mac Senior in 2005. Friends until the end.


Can an America hostile to religion ever have another Billy Graham? | TheHill


Oh, and another thing. I was curious as to Leonard Slye’s Roy Rogers overall impact on twentieth-century Christianity. It involves Billy Graham again. Rogers and his horse Trigger appeared often with Billy Graham at his Crusades. It seems as though the 33-degree Mason attuned his fine skills upon initiating Masonic Christianity upon children.

That is to say, John MacArthur did not become the man he is today without his lineage, and that is this. He is a son of Freemasonry, but also of the once and future king. And Arthur, as you may or may not know, not forgetting the MacArthur Clan’s claim to the kings bloodline, reveals their Merovingian lineage.

But more on that another time.




From the Archives: Dale Evans; Roy Rogers' 'Queen of the West ...