The Mountain of Melchizedek and the Sons of the Ice Wall

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I don’t say this to alarm anyone, but the Sons of Qorach may have been priests of the Millennial Kingdom. It’s not like I’m saying they were. The possibility is simply being thrown out there because you never really know, I’ve seen stranger things. The sons of Qorach in case you’re unaware are listed as the writers of nearly a dozen Psalms. 42, 44–49, 84, 85, 87 and 88 to be exact. The reason I suspect as much is because of how the very word Qorach is broken down in the Paleo-Hebrew. The name literally means “sons of the cold wall,” and what does that remind you of? Hebrew Cosmology. Many of us assume there is an ice wall surrounding our realm however I will show you that in all likelihood it is only the partial truth. That explanation will not happen though until after I get around to the moon map. You will have to learn patience.  

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PDF [Update]: The Hidden Wilderness and the Mountain of Melchizedek

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