The Kiss, the Bridal Chamber, and Mary Magdalene: Wife of Messiah

by | Jun 27, 2022

ROMANTIC relationships complicate the workplace. So far as I can tell, the talmidim weren’t always thrilled with the arrangement. And yes, this time we’re going there. To the gnostic gospels. You knew we would eventually get to them though, didn’t you? I mean, the Gnostics were all over Miryam of Migdal like Pooh paws in the honey jar and I could only hold them off for so long. The Gospel of Philip is one such offering. I first read it one year ago, but in the last week or two alone I read it over and over again, several times through. It’s message is abundantly clear. The bridal chamber is a gnosis which can only be felt or known by the man and his woman, and Miryam of Migdal was in it. This is my latest update to an every growing report. 

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