The JFK Assassination Hoax: The Magic Bullet Was Planted Evidence

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Among JFK’s secret service detail on the 22nd of November was somebody by the name of Paul Landis. He is 88 years old at present and still kicking whereas the bucket is nowhere in sight, but also, as of September 10, 2023, he has a story to tell, a new story. How is that possible? It has been sixty years since the Kennedy assassination. Ah, there it is. The Big 6-0, the Diamond anniversary. I have commented in other places how Intel just loves bringing new light, new angles, new epiphanies to their psyops every five or ten years or so. It is predictable behavior by this point, usually landing right on the mark. I figure it’s their way of causing you to relive the spell cast in the aftermath of the performance and not to forget about them. The article title says it all. ‘JFK assassination witness breaks his silence and raises new questions.’ Imagine that. Somebody was keeping mum about his day in Dallas for six whole decades. In the hands of the Media, they have savory treats to offer, and they want you to eat out of them. Let’s see what the announcement is this time around, shall we?

The following report is my ‘JFK Assassination Was a Hoax’ paper. Many of you will recall that I published the original draft in 2020. It’s been three years and I’m just now pulling it off the shelf for a good dusting. Were coming up on an election year, you know, and so, it’s high time I whip myself into tip-top shape. The icing on the cake is that 2023 is the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination. If you haven’t taken the time to read it yet, I show why everyone involved was Intel in one way or another and that the Zapruder film was composite imaging, making the entire operation a movie. The third part of the paper delves into the Mandela Effect aspect of the Dallas shooting.

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