The Hidden Wilderness and Paul

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UNCOVERING ancient texts which describe the hidden wilderness isn’t exactly easy. It’s not like I can go to my local library and thumb through books on the subject in the catalogue cards. Globe earth has done its work on our post mud-flood consciousness, clearly, as very few if anyone seems remotely interested in pursuing this subject. Such a shame. Supposing my thesis is true, then I am of the opinion that the ancients wrote about it. Even if its whereabouts is only hinted at in a passing line or two. Found one. As I was saying, that wasn’t easy. In our modern world, the process involves random keyword searches which lead to web pages linking me to other web pages, which in turn link to other pages, and then another page, and so on and so on. You never really know what you will discover and where. There’s a reason why they put an “x” marks the spot in the unexpected, and I never anticipated the hidden wilderness topic would be a text attributed to Paul. Go figure.

I’m excited to revisit my Hidden Wilderness paper again. You can read all about Paul’s visit as well as the entire report in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Hidden Wilderness and Paul

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