TO EVEN insinuate Yerushalayim was destroyed in 70AD is to agree to the lying pen of the scribe. That’s the trouble I’m having. It’s simply not enough to say the people of that generation knew it as a very different year when in fact the entire timeline has been mashed, whipped, scrambled, and pureed every which way imaginable into a recipe which is no longer organic nor linear. Don’t get me wrong. Yerushalayim was destroyed. The events surrounding its destruction however are downplayed for a very specific purpose. To hide His-Story and force feed everyone with the counterfeit. Something which every Jesuit could agree upon. Well, I’m here to tell you that Yahusha HaMashiach fulfilled exactly what he said he would and in precisely the manner and timeframe when he promised to go about doing it. The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah happened.

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PDF: The Glorious Appearing of Yahusha HaMashiach

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