The 1893 Chicago World Fair and the Lost King of Oz

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THE BAUM books are silly, childlike slices of Americana frosting. Sugar isn’t poison, per se, but it is an appetite for trash can bears and too much of it can kill you. Don’t let that analysis dissuade you though when searching for clues. Clearly, Baum pleased the gods. And so, I’m willing to bet they’re a treasure trove of information. In updating my 1893 Chicago World Fair Was a Hoax paper, I decided to dip my feet back into Oz again and wasn’t disappointed. Upon further reading, I came to learn that the Wizard did not build the Emerald City. Somebody else did. There’s a few other nuggets of information in here worth your time.

PDF: The 1893 Chicago World Fair Was a Hoax (Lost King of Oz Update)

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