The 144,000 and Peter’s Involvement With Them: Revelation In 70AD

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BET you didn’t expect Kepha to enter a theological argument involving the ladies. Hope you haven’t forgotten that part, that the 144,000 were ladies rather than dudes. Turns out, the 144,000 narrative is full of all sorts of surprises. I figure a great deal many of you will shruggingly agree that I’m onto something with the ‘bethulah’ theme but then claim I’m reading too much into it with what I’m prepared to show you, but I beg to differ. Either the 144,000 were ladies or they weren’t. If they were ladies, then it seems to me that we should begin discovering them, cropping up in the boutiques and the lounges and the lovely rose gardens of early Christian literature. Really, when it comes down to it, I never know what I’ll catch in the butterfly net when opening up my extra-Biblical digs. Though something that you’ve probably observed over the course of my writing career, nothing excites me further than discovering these oddities and then showing them to you.

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