Teresa of Avila’s Inner Castle In ‘The Matrix’ and the Seven Degrees of Mystery Initiation

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COUNTLESS analytical papers on ‘The Matrix’ have already been written, none of which have made comparisons with the seven stages of initiation into the Mystery Religions. That’s what I originally set out to do when publishing the first iteration of this paper in 2018. Ever since that time I’ve been wanting to pull it off the shelf for a good dusting, but what do you know, what I actually managed to do in the end is give it an entirely new depth of vision. Prepare yourself. I’m not only going to take you through the seven stages of initiation into the Mystery religions, as paralleled by ‘The Matrix’ narrative, but I have also managed to scrounge up a Spanish mystic, a certain Teresa of Avila, who was attributing the same qualities to Medieval architecture. Initially, I wanted to invest a day of my life into the update, but then, looking at today’s date, it happened to be a week’s project. And might I say, it was well worth the investment. Once you see what I see, you’ll never unsee it. 

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