I CALL him the Son of Nimrod despite there being three other potential Nimrod’s because I consider him to be the fourth and last Nimrod. It will ultimately be up to you to decide who the most important of the Nimrods are, though it is the final Nimrod, the infant, which is most often depicted in art across the ancient world. The reason being is that he was said to be conceived miraculously within the womb of his mother through the immortal rays of his father, Nimrod, who had now quite literally become the sun.

We have already met this child, Trybetha, though most of the world know him by another name. Tammuz. In a short while I will show you why I believe he was also recorded as a Nimrod. It only makes sense that he would be. After the death of Nimrod, Shemiramis convinced the world that Nimrod had indeed inseminated her with seed, resulting in child. This is why incest was so important to the magical ritual. The son became an avatar for his father, the sun. In this way, Shemiramis may have justified her marrying the child. Because she was really continuing her love affair with the preexistent man she’d already loved. Tammuz was a reincarnated Nimrod. In other words, Tammuz was a reincarnated Nimrod-Ninus, who in turn may have been a reincarnated Nimrod-Belus, a reincarnated Nimrod-Nembroth. Even Nembroth may have been a reincarnated Gilgamesh, but I haven’t yet gotten to that part. You can read the entire updated report below. 

PDF [UPDATE]: The Many Lives of Nimrod: Son of Nimrod

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