THE FOUNDATION of this publication involves Yahuah [YHWH], the Most-High Elohim, creator of heaven and earth. It furthermore relies upon the testimony of Yahusha Messiah concerning the Truth of our Father’s eternal Law (Revelation 14:12). And as you may have guessed, the shape of His creation is the springboard, by which the lies of this world are better understood and exposed. Hence the title, The Unexpected Cosmology, because nobody saw the flat earth coming. And yet here it is.

I have often stated that the globe deception has very little to do with the shape of the earth and everything to do with the shape of humanity. Therein is the beginnings of my quest. I wanted to escape from my spiritual bondage in this lifetime. But in order to do so, I needed to investigate what Mystery Babylon actually is—or rather, how it has materialized into our perceived reality today, and recognize my part in it. 

This magazine was initially started in order to share my findings, but also as a sharing platform whereas I might invite fellow researchers and writers to glean from their findings.






If you feel led to assist me financially in this journey of discovery, then I am indeed grateful. Accepting donations is an issue which I have long wrestled with, as the pursuit of Truth should be a free endeavor for everyone. I have been plugging away for several years now, rejecting any such offers, but after countless conversations and hours of deliberation I have finally agreed to do so based on one conclusion. The hope is to make The Unexpected Cosmology grow from a part time endeavor into a full time ministry. The Most-High is to be our every foundation. If Yahuah wills it, then He will make it so.

I therefore ask that you consider contributing. But far more importantly, please pray about any potential gift, as no efforts are worthy unless they are Yahuah’s plans. There are others who may require your financial tithes more than I. Any money coming in will firstly help to maintain my household, which will in turn open up and widen our production value. This currently includes research and writing schedules, though we would like to expand our online presence into other outlets such as Torah portions and videos. Secondly, incoming donations will recompense those who already donate so much of their time and make this online magazine possible.

The Unexpected Cosmology is not 501c3 and therefore your assistance would not be tax deductible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Patreon: Noel Joshua Hadley