MY name is Noel Joshua Hadley. I am the creator, head writer, Editor-In-Chief, and all around Big Enchilada here at The Unexpected Cosmology. TUC is not only an online Journal, it is is now a Magazine delivered directly to your door. It is a monthly Magazine though sometimes bi-weekly, at other times quarterly, maybe even a whenever we get around to it Magazine, LOL. Quality writers are appreciated in these parts. Moving forward, nearly all articles will premiere in the Mag, and so, because empty pages are calling upon insightful content, I am accepting submissions.

Tips. Complete sentences are a must but then so is good formatting. I don’t have time to read through every submission. Papers that are delivered to my desktop and fail at these two will be immediately rejected. Please do not hand in a long winded article without letting me know where it’s headed. For example, if you’re writing an article on, say, Adolf Hitler and you’d like it featured at TUC, don’t make me read twelve pages of WWII history and Patton war strategies before revealing that he was rally an actor and more importantly, that he was also Walt Disney. Just lay it out there and then take me through the evidence.

TUC is a Bible-backed ministry which places a special emphasis on Revelation 14:12. I’ll let you read that for yourself. Here is the gist of it though. The righteous are those who keep the Father’s Commands and the testimony of Yahusha HaMashiach. Though it is obvious that we are all at a different mile-marker of our awakening journey, I expect all contributors to at least agree to these two defining elements of the set-apart lifestyle.

Using Rev 14:12 as a platform, we go way beyond accepted canon and study dozens upon dozens of other extra-Biblical books, as well as a long line-up of Truther topics. Subjects we are interested in include but are certainly not exclusive to germ theory, the V-A-X, Intel psyops and hoaxes, esoteric Hollywood, the flat earth, the mud flood, Tartaria, hidden His-Story, the feminine Ruach HaQodesh, preexistence, Genesis 6, serpent seed, QAnon, Gematria, the Mandela Effect, Biblical commentary, the Torah, and calendar debates.

I am also seeking political cartoons, poetry, short stories, as well as art and photography submissions.

Homeschool Students. I accept essays from gradeschool aged children on Truther topics. Here is one example by pseudonym Evan Grizzly.