DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER THE SUMMER OF 2013 WHEN A DUCK was photographed by the Mars Rover? Yeah, I thought there had to be some sort of alternative explanation too. And then when these Flat Earthers¬† started telling me how “Mars” really exists here on Earth, in Canada of all places, on an extremely isolated section of the map called Devon Island, I quickly brushed the entire idea off. The Mars Research Station, which is no secret, made sense. I mean, why shouldn’t the boys over at NASA have a Mars simulation training ground here on Earth? That’s before I did the research for myself.

See, much like the impossibility of testing “gravity” in the lab, or observing a curve to the earth, or the bizarre belief in an arching surface of water, all necessary components to make a globe earth work; thrust and combustion, I also came to learn, are simply impossible in a vacuum of space. I have yet to see it replicated in any experiment. NASA is a fraud.

There’s a channel on YouTube which I think everyone should subscribe to. It’s called Cody’s Lab. What’s important to note about Cody is that he is not a Flat Earther. At least, not yet. Just know that his masterful debunking of NASA is not a Flat Earth agenda. I’m going to post two of his experiments in a vacuum chamber below, which just goes to show once again that the biggest “scientific assertions” implementing from a belief in the globe cannot be replicated here on the actual Earth in which we live on.

God is not a liar, but man is. The Bible is true and the Earth is flat.