Space Is Fake and the Earth Is Flat & I Probably Believe It Because the Government Wants Me To

Flat Earth

I AM A FLAT EARTHIST. Yes, I believe the earth is flat as a matter of fact. Unashamedly so—Why? Because Yahuah testifies to it. Then again, call it a coincidence, but I have also come to conclude that I’m believing exactly what the government wants me to believe, and more importantly, precisely when they want me to believe it.


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Like Height-Ashbury or the C.I.A. run Laurel Canyon, explosive Movements like this don’t simply happen. They arrive right on schedule. The world is a stage, and conscious or not, everyone is invited to participate in the parade. No matter how hard I try to wiggle myself out of that very uncomfortable thought, truth likely is, I’m a product of the machine. For the last so many years of my adult life—actually, from the moment I first logged onto the world wide web—they’ve been dangling juicy carrots on my computer screen, dropping little hints in the Matrix, even going so far as to nudge my engine searches. The Flat Earth Society, and the mere fact that I was led to their website in 2004, was probably no accident. Or perhaps it was the first time an anonymous person in a chat room snarkily told me, some twenty years ago, not to read that copy of Enoch on my desk because it was a ridiculous flat earth book.

For all I know, the government spent thirty years whispering into my ear:

“Noel, the earth is flat.”

And then one day, after several flat earth YouTube channels exploded out of nowhere, I was finally like: “Wait a second. I think the earth is flat,” as if I had somehow come up with that thought.

What—you think that’s preposterous?

They need flat earthists.

Sure, the earth is not a globe and space is fake and the Copernican revolution is a complete joke. Elon Musk and Richard Bronson are government spooks. SpaceX is a hoax. Virgin Galactic is a hoax. More-so a front for funneling money. But every single time somebody begins to question their movie-set world, whether it be Elon Musk’s orbiting Tesla or the glitching live feed from the International Fake Station, they want you to think there’s some connection between the shape of the earth and criticizing NASA. And that’s precisely what happens. The flat earthist criticizes actor Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Don Pettit’s goofball script by diverting the viewers’ attention to the flat earth. Crises diverted.

You have to understand that the intelligence community puppeteers the media, and that the media has a total control on just about everything. That includes mainstream news, independent news, and fake news. They run all of it.


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The Gulf of Tonkin launched the Vietnam War and that was an intelligence hoax. Then again, so was Kent State. The government has not simply played both sides—they’ve created both sides. The hippie movement was created, just as rock n’ roll was created, and free form poetry and cubism and abstract expressionism—all created. The Beatniks of Columbia University. Spooks. Hollywood. Spooks. The Theosophical Society. Spooks. Bill Gates is a spook and Jeff Bezos is a spook. The LGBTQ Movement and the Women’s Lib Movement was created and organized by spooks with flammable pants and sagging breasts. Entire crowds followed their crackling loudspeakers because the illusion of choice was offered and because the nuclear family needed murdered. But then again, I’ve finally concluded that the Reformation was fully controlled and the Protestants never left Rome to begin with.

See where I’m going with this?

It’s all controlled.


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If you didn’t catch on then I’ll risk repeating myself. They’re playing both sides so as to give us the illusion of choice.

Do you remember what it was like in 2015? A killer asteroid was about to fall out of the sky and then, all of a sudden, you couldn’t enter a YouTube chat room without some Skynet bot telling you, you were going to hell if you didn’t believe the earth was flat. That’s my version of the story, anyhow.

They brought flat earth out into the open and now they’re slowly killing it before our very eyes. That’s exactly what they’re doing—right on schedule. It’s because they don’t need us anymore. There was a time not so long ago when I suspected they were using us to flip the script and bring out a full disclosure in order to prove New Ageism right and usher in the gnostic Light-bearer. But no. It appears as though they’re killing it.

Right on schedule.


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Don’t worry. If they need us again—if they need to embezzle money and protect space agencies from criticism, they’ll open up several channels for a dozen lucky YouTubers and invite the masses to gaze in.

I’ve been in the Truther Movement for several years now, and the moral of the story is, even the intelligence communities run the Truther Movement.